Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for June 21-27, 2022    

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for June 21-27, 2022

1.     Putin’s War in Ukraine Highlights Moscow’s Discrimination against Ethnic Russians, Kashin Says

2.     By Criticizing Putin’s War, Komi Deputy Becomes First Regional Legislator Listed as Foreign Agent  

3.     Promoting Patriotism with Soviet-Style Lessons May Backfire, Russian Educational Experts Say  

4.     Russian Schools Forming Classes on Basis of Ethnicity Regardless of Russian-Language Knowledge, HSE Study Finds  

5.     North Caucasians in Europe under Threat from Moscow and Its Agents, PACE Warns

6.     Putin Stands to Lose Whether He Attacks Lithuania or Not, Portnikov Says

7.     ‘We’re Patriots and Believe Putin No Matter How Much He Lies,’ Russians Say

8.     At Least Five Percent of Soldiers from Non-Russian Regions Dying in Combat in Ukraine, Raksha Says

9.     Non-Russian POWs in Ukraine Say Their Home Republics have Few Prospects for Independence

10.  Putin’s War in Ukraine Sparking Strikes Among Russian Workers over Unpaid Wages  

11.  Kazakhstan Residents Ever Less Inclined to Identify by Religion, Nationality, or Clan, Polls Show  

12.  Kremlin Spending Large Sums to Buy New ‘Allies,’ Malyuta Skratov Telegram Channel Says  

13.  Given Repression, Russians Won’t Protest as Result of Rational Calculation but Only from Anger, Gallyamov Says

14.  Kazakh Women Joined Kazakh Men at End of Soviet Times in Making Inter-Ethnic Marriages

15.  As is 1990s, Russian Economy Becoming More Primitive as Demand for Professionals Falling, Experts Say

16.  Putin’s Exit will Be ‘a Much Greater Shock’ to System than Departure of Any of His Soviet Predecessors Was, Pastukhov Says

17.  Ingush Activist Yevloyeva Formally Charged in Absentia with Discrediting Russian Army  

18.  Moscow Must Address Problems in Central Asia to Prevent West from Using Migrants Against It inside Russia, Podoprigora Says

19.  ‘To Win in Arctic, Russia Must Fight for Antarctic,’ Bezpalko Says  

20.  New Emigration Hitting Russia Harder than Earlier Waves Because Country Lacks ‘Hidden Reserves of Human Capital’ It had Earlier, Sonin Says  

21.  By Ordering Regions to Form Units to Fight in Ukraine, Putin is Potentially Transforming ‘an Imperialist War into a Civil One,’ Sidorov Says  

22.  Extreme Right in Russia Overwhelmingly Backs Putin’s War in Ukraine This Time Around

23.  Ukrainian Parliamentarians Want to Declare Russia’s 1864 Expulsion of Circassians a Genocide

24.  If an Entire Country Becomes Part of the Russian Federation, It will be a Republic; if Only a Portion of It Does, There are More Options, Kireyeva Says

25.  Azerbaijanis in Tbilisi Create New Group to Counter Attacks on Their Co-Nationals Abroad

26.  Tehran Sees Two Blocs Competing in Caucasus and Allies Itself with Moscow-Led One, New Study Says  

27.  Lavrov Turns European History at the Start of World War II Upside Down

28.  Russia has Created a Unique Business Climate: Only Wives of Politicians Can Grow Rich

29.  How Many Nationalities Did Residents of Russia Declare in the Latest Census – and How Many Will Officials Actually Report?

30.  Moscow Writer Denounces Links Between Ukrainians in Far East and Japan Before and During World War II

31.  Putin’s War in Ukraine Tearing Many Russian Families Apart, Aronova Says  

32.  Those who Really Care about Russia Need to Stop Thinking about the Abstract Country and Focus on the Real People who Live in It, Palash Says  

33.  In Today’s Russia, Only Minority Nationalities have Right To Call Themselves by Their Own Names, Tsots Says  

34.  Duma Pressed to Allow Ever Younger Russians without Military Training to Fight in Ukraine, Making More Buchas Likely  

35.  Unlike Many Countries that Expected One, Kazakhstan had a Baby Boom During Pandemic  

36.  Moscow Moving Cautiously on Legal Arrangements for Annexing Portions of Ukraine Lest They be Used Against Russia, Baymukhametov Says

37.  Confiscating Wealth of Putin and His Entourage Won’t Bring His Regime Down, Pavlova Says

38.  Russian Government Rejects Call to Limit Compatriots to Ethnic Russians and Russian Speakers  

39.  Central Asian Migrants in Russia Sending Less Money Home, Threatening a Social Crisis There

40.  To Avoid Offense, West Should Call Moscow Not ‘a Sponsor of Terrorism’ but ‘a Philanthropist of Terrorism,’ Russians Say  

41.  Russia’s Peasantry has Disappeared but Its Rural People Haven’t, Buyanov Says  

42.  Wage Arrears Now Hitting People in More than Half of All Russia’s Federal Subjects, Workers Complain and Economists Confirm

43.  Biden Reinvigorates Captive Nations Week by Listing Russia and Other Non-Communist Countries as the Most Oppressive States  

44.  Buryats and Other Asian Nationalities Increasingly Report Being Discriminated Against by Russians  

45.  Like Stalin before Him, Putin Now Using Prisoners as Cannon Fodder to Make Up for Combat Losses in Ukraine  

46.  Deportations Part of Soviet and More Generally Russian Pattern of Forced Migration, Eidelman Says

47.  Soviet Leaders from Stalin to Gorbachev Often Dropped Letter from Abbreviation for Name of Their Country Sending a Message to Their People

48.  White-Blue-White Flag of Novgorod Allowing Russian Opposition to Root Itself in a National Tradition But One at Odds with Moscow  

49.  Russians’ Lack of Positive Vision of Future or a Sense It Depends on Them Helps Them Survive Current Problems, Mikhaylichenko Says

50.  For Victory, Ukraine Must Destroy the Russian Federation and Free the Nations Moscow has Enslaved, Biletskyi Says

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