Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for August and September 2022     

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for August and September 2022   

1.     Ukrainians are Different than Russians: They Think They can Defeat Putin  

2.     For Estonians, Only Russians Who Deny Occupation are a Problem, Velizhanin Says  

3.     West Must Not Confuse Two Very Different Types of Russian Opposition to Putin’s War in take Ukraine as Dominant Kind May Lead to a Larger War

4.     Ghost Towns in Neighboring Russia Unlikely to Attract Kazakhstan’s Russians  

5.     A New Novgorod Republic would be Part of the Future Post-Russia Map, Grayevsky 


6.     Putin’s War in Ukraine about Ideology Not Territory, Pastukhov Says  

7.     Trial of 12 Ingush Policemen Who Refused to Use Force against Protesters Finally Ends with Suspended Sentences  

8.     Russian Repression Forces Finno-Ugric Erzya Nation to Move Congress to Estonia

9.     Russian Schools Must Teach Youngsters How to ‘Profile’ Enemies of the State, Butina Says

10.  New Iron Curtain Radically Different from Old One, Shalimov Says  

11.  Those Old Enough to Remember Soviet Times Now Leaving Russia Because They Don’t Want to Go Back to the Past  

12.  Public Support for Orthodox Church in Russia Collapsing, Academy of Sciences Study Finds  

13.  In Putin’s Russia, It’s Less Dangerous to Kill Four Children than to Call a War a War, Some Say  

14.  New Russian Recruits Creating Problems Even Before They’re Sent to Ukraine, Russians who Live Near Training Sites Say

15.  The More Economically Depressed a Russian Region Is, the More Likely Its Sons are Dying in Ukraine, Statistics Show  

16.  When Putin Got a Bad Book Review  

17.  Ukraine War Causing More Russian Officials to Drink More and Putin is Worried  

18.  Russia at Risk of Giving Up Its Future to Eurasianism Just as It Once Did to ‘Madness of Marxist Communism,’ Tsipko Says  

19.  Putin has Two Obsessions, Ukraine and Russia’s Territorial Integrity, and He’s Making Situation Worse for Himself in Both Cases, Yepuryanu Says  

20.  Russia’s Hawks a Problem for Putin but Do Not Yet Threaten His Rule, Moscow Commentators Say  

21.  Russia’s Harvest This Year ‘Magnificent’ But Farmers and Ultimately All Russians will Suffer, Zubarevich Says

22.  Many Federal Subjects Counting as Residents People who have Moved to Others, Raksha Says  

23.  Unlike Most Wars, Putin’s ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine has Pushed Down Russians’ Sex Drive      

24.  August 1991 Putsch Attempt Didn’t Immediately Involve Much of the Soviet Population

25.  Moscow More Likely than Any Republic or Region to Trigger Russia’s Disintegration, Petrov Says  

26.  Moscow’s Likely Response to Ukrainian Victories May Trigger a Spiral toward Russia’s Use of Nuclear Weapons, Pastukhov Says  

27.  In Response to Expulsion of Russian Diplomats, Putin has Decided to Punish Western Ones by Keeping Them in Russia, Some Muscovites Say

28.  Putin’s War in Ukraine Prompts Ever More Ukrainians to Speak Ukrainian, Especially in Eastern Portions of the Country  

29.  Gagauzia Increasingly at Odds with Chisinau  

30.  Deaths in Russia This Year Same as Last if Covid Losses are Discounted, Zhelenin Says  

31.  Volodin has Confirmed What Russians Already Knew: Being Sent to Fight in Ukraine is a Punishment  

32.  Putin has Taken Steps to Prevent Any Repetition of What Happened in August 1991, Pozharsky Says  

33.  Exploiting Caesaro-Papist Nature of Orthodox Christianity, Riga has Dealt Moscow Patriarchate ‘a Powerful Blow,’ ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says

34.  Moscow’s Assumptions about South Caucasus No Longer Valid, Rodionov Says              

35.  School Consolidation Accelerating Demise of Moksha and Erzya Languages in Mordvinia, Sarankina Says

36.  Duma Moves to Criminalize Display of Any But Official Maps of Russian Federation  

37.  Tatar Language has Changed Radically both Lexically and Even Grammatically Over Last 50 Years, Safina Says  

38.  Divisions in Russian Society ‘Unprecedented’ Since Russian Civil War, Gozman Says

39.  Russians Received Only 550,000 Visas for Foreign Travel in 2021, Down from 12 Million a Decade Earlier  

40.  Only One Ukrainian Resident in 20 has a Positive View of Stalin, Down from One in Four before 2022, Poll Finds

41.  No Chinese Ships Using Northern Sea Route This Year, Stoking Russian Fears  

42.  Aspirations for Urals Autonomy have Deep Roots, Involving Democratic Novgorod the Great and Later Even Boris Yeltsin, Sarutov Says  

43.  Moscow Using Voluntary Detachments to Dispose of Potential Protesters, Zhdanov Says  

44.  Names Not to Be Forgotten – Russian Scholars Putin has Persecuted  

45.  Lithuanian Tatars Get Another Hollywood Star – Glen Powell  

46.  Declaring Mobilization to Fight in Ukraine Could Destabilize the Country and Put Putin’s Future in Doubt, Suchkov Says  

47.  Despite War, Moscow’s Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses Almost Alone Continues Unabated, Verkhovsky Says  

48.  Classic Vysotsky Song, ‘Look at the Clowns,’ Held to be Discrediting to Putin’s General Staff  

49.  Moscow’s Use of Criminals in Russian Military Undermining Unit Cohesion, Soldiers Say  

50.  Since Start of Putin’s War in Ukraine, Fewer Russians Watching State TV and More Reading Telegram Channels

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