Colonial Countries Utilize the Oppressed Nations as Firewood in their Adventures

Colonial Countries Utilize the Oppressed Nations as Firewood in their Adventures

Adel Bashqawi

September 27, 2022

The colonial empires and countries did not hesitate to use the nations and peoples under their subjugation to plunge them into the furnace of their wars and colonial adventures. They use them as firewood to ignite strife in its ugliest sense or as cannon fodder to control the homelands of other peoples and nations with no prior consultation or consent. Undoubtedly, those who are described as the most dominant troublesome guys among the proxies, would tell them that “the firewood is not yet dry enough.”

 These imperialist powers set up administrations and entities that deny the natural rights of the indigenous peoples. They dominate their gains and rights, they settle in their homelands and rule them with iron and fire by expanding their influence little by little. Tyrannical means are implemented in this case. They evade granting peoples and nations their legitimate rights.

In this regard, we can only mention what is happening in Russia’s war against Ukraine. As well as attempts to divide and control it and the fate of its people without regard to the fact that they are territories belonging to an independent and sovereign state. Worse than this and that, the Russian leadership wanted the war to be a quick and rapid one, through which the fate of the Ukrainian state would be controlled. With a plan to eliminate its government and army. They were surprised by the irrefutable fact that: “Theory calculations did not match the field ones.”

The invading forces were stunned when their attack appeared to have failed miserably. The Russian forces were unable to achieve their main goals of occupying strategic places and targets in Ukraine. Especially the capital, Kyiv, and other main cities. Indeed, important Russian military sectors were destroyed from the intrusive forces that were unable to overrun the targets for which they were determined. What  made it so surprising, it clings to alternative goals that are not important, compared to what had been planned since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

The unprecedented failure and frustration of the various Russian leaderships led to the use of alternative plans. The Russian authorities decided to start a forced conscription campaign in Russia called a limited military mobilization. However, it seems that it focused at the beginning on the ethnic minorities of the peoples colonized by Russia, such peoples of Dagestan, Chechnya, Ossetia and others of the North Caucasus, Siberia and other regions that are described as parts of the federation. This caused thousands to flee through airports, seaports, and all available land border crossings. In addition, hundreds of protesters were arrested in the main cities, who participated in protests, demonstrations and clashes with the police in different areas in protest against the declaration of partial mobilization, where the protesters chanted “No to war.”

Among the peoples of the North Caucasus are the Circassian people who are scattered in the republics of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea and other administrative regions of the North Caucasus. This process was marred by chaos and absolute rejection by the youth and their families. The unwillingness of the oppressed people expressed their refusal to send and drive their sons to die in Ukraine for a cause that is not theirs. One Circassian commentator said: “The Circassian people have no reason to shed blood and die in this war!”

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