Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia

October 24, 2022

I would like to thank those of you who sent messages of sympathy and encouragement after I reported my health problems. For each and every one of them, I am very grateful. Paul Goble



1.     Many among Numerically Small Peoples of Russia Fear Mobilization and Flight of Their Young Men to Avoid It Will Accelerate Demise of Their Peoples

2.     Circassians in Karbardino-Balkaria Demand End to Putin’s Mobilization  

3.     Russian Oligarchs More Interested in Moving Workers Away from Rich Central Cities than in Winning War in Ukraine, Activists Say   

4.   Last Aleut Speaker Dies in Russia and Only One Nivkh Speaker Remains on Sakhalin

5.     ‘There is No Reason to Expect a Split among Russian Elites’ over Ukraine or Anything Else Anytime Soon, Gelman Says  

6.     Armed Resistance to Mobilization Quite Possible in Ingushetia, Sautieva Says  

7.     At End of Soviet Times, Non-Russians Asserted ‘We aren’t Soviets;’ Now in Putin’s Time, They’re Saying ‘We aren’t Russians’  

8.     Putin Wants to Get Out of Ukraine with Enough of a Victory to Convince Russians at Home What He has Done was Worth It, Pastukhov Says  

9.     Russian Officials Must Meet Popular Demands about Living Conditions or Face an Explosion, Pisanov Says  

10.  Putin Always Accuses Others of Doing or Planning What He is Doing or Planning Himself, Preobrazhensky Says  

11.  Despite Putin’s Push for Northern Sea Route, Russian Settlement at Dikson is Dying  

12.  ‘We Can’t Stop Kremlin but We Mustn’t Stop Protesting,’ Russian Activist Says

13.  Putin Making Anti-Moscow Attitudes Worse by Mobilizing Microscopic Share of Capital Residents Compared to Much Larger Figures Elsewhere, Rudkovsky Says  

14.  Tajik President Demands Putin Respect His Country and Other Smaller Nations Lest Region Undergo a Repeat of 1991  

15.  Putin’s War in Ukraine is Undercutting Efforts to Reduce Gender Difference in Life Expectancy and Leaving Russian Women with Fewer Men to Choose a Marriage Partner, Experts Say

16.  Putin Gets a Victory from Ukrainian War – in Belarus – with Arrival of Thousands of Russian Forces There

17.  This Year, Tatars Won’t Mark Anniversary of 1552 with Public Meeting, VTOTs Head Says  

18.  Is Russia Now Occupied or at War with Another Country? Russians Said to Be Asking  

19.  Prospects for Putin’s Overthrow Increasing, Eidman Says  

20.  ‘Russia Not a Country but a Religion,’ Luchikhin Says  

21.  Moscow Increasingly Relying on Sea Transit to Supply Kaliningrad  

22.  Shamans Support War in Ukraine in Hopes of Gaining Official Recognition as a Traditional Religion of Russia, But Experts Doubt That is Possible

23.  New Russian Emigration Far Less Religious than Earlier One But Some Fear It May Seek Alternative to Moscow Patriarchate, Faustova Says  

24.  Bashkirs Launch Armed Underground Movement against Moscow’s War and for National Independence

25.  Putin’s Imposition of Martial Law in Regions He Seeks to Annex ‘Preparation for Mass Deportations’ of Ukrainians, Kyiv Says  

26.  Kyiv’s Recognition of Chechnya as an Occupied Country will Be Followed by a Ukrainian Recognition of the Circassian Genocide, Shmulyevich Says

27.  Navalny Activist Winning Support for Maintaining List of Chuvash Killed in Ukraine  

28.  Russia Desperately Needs Those who have Fled the Country to Return but the Kremlin Equally Desperately Doesn’t, ‘Politsovet’ Says

29.  Russian Navy and Its Shipbuilding Capabilities in ‘a Sea of Problems,’ Analyst Says  

30.  Non-Russian Share of Russia’s Population May Soon Be Not the 22 Percent Moscow Claims But Twice That — or More than 40 Percent, Kyiv Scholar Says  

31.  Russia’s Enemies Can Attack It without Ever Leaving Their Own Territory, Russians Reflect  

32.  Pressure on Relatives of Those who Emigrate Now So Widespread, Opposition Group Giving Advice on How to Respond

33.  Talk about Separatism in Smolensk Apparently Worrying Some in Moscow  

34.  ‘Russia has Lost the War in Ukraine but Ukraine has Not Yet Won,’ Ayvazovskaya Says  

35.  Kremlin Using Special but Potentially Dangerous Ideological Messages to Get Muslims to Fight for Russian World, Sidorov Says  

36.  Idea that Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine is ‘a Holy War’ Sparked Violence in Belgorod, Moscow Analyst Says  

37.  Central Asians No Longer Willing to Tolerate Being Treated like Russia’s ‘Younger Brothers,’ Polovinko Says  

38.  Putin’s Martial Law Less about Occupation of Ukraine than about ‘Occupation of Russia Itself,’ Portnikov Says  

39.  Ukrainian War has Made People in Russia from Other Former Soviet Republics More Conscious of Their Ethnicities and Led Some to Return Home, Bekaryan Says  

40.  Possibility of a Forcible Change of Power in Russia Can No Longer Be Dismissed, Pastukhov Says  

41.  FSB Now Controls Every Mufti and Imam in Russia, One Imam who Fled West Says  

42.  Putin’s Mobilization Decree Boosts Powers of Regional Heads, Creating Danger Russia will Become a Country of Principaliites, Kucher Says  

43.  So Far, Only Putin Supports Kazakh President’s Call for Promoting Russian Across CIS  

44.  Eastern European and Baltic Countries May Follow Ukraine in Recognizing Ichkeria as ‘Temporarily Occupied,’ Mukhametov Says  

45.  Russia Now Faces What is Likely to Be a Very Troubled Fall Draft  

46.  Kremlin’s Latest Moves Likely to Accelerate the Demise of the Russian Federation and Make It More Violent, Sidorov Says  

47.  Putin Using Belarus to ‘Internationalize’ and Escalate His Conflict with the West, Skobov Says

48.  Titles Not Texts What Putin’s Messaging is All About, Pastukhov Says  

49.  Punitive Psychiatry Returns with a Vengeance as Russians Told that ‘Normal People Don’t Protest’  

50.  An Inconvenient and Unwelcome Truth: ‘No One Can Move the Popular Leader of a Nuclear Power Except the Man Himself,’ ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says

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