Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia Dec 21, 2022

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia Dec 21, 2022

1.     Some in Moscow Fear Émigré Organizations of Nationalists and Regionalists May Recapitulate Success of Bolsheviks, Sidorov Says  

2.     Kremlin Media have Failed to Bridge Growing Generational Divide in Russia, Yershov Says

3.     Russia Can’t Win War of Attrition in Ukraine, El Murid Says  

4.     Russian Deaths Stable over Last Seven Months but Russian Births Continue to Decline Catastrophically, Chernyshov Says   

5.     Under Putin, Russia has Been Closing 1,000 Libraries a Year, Official Figures Show   

6.     Are Ukrainian Agents Burning Russian Shopping Centers? Or Are Their Owners Torching Them to Collect on Insurance?   

7.     Russian ‘Imperial Syndrome’ Doesn’t Explain Everything Moscow Does, Kurilla Says   

8.     Tatarstan has Blocked Kremlin Efforts to Force It to Drop Title of Republic President for More than a Decade – and May be About to Do So Again Now   

9.     Moscow’s Efforts to Get Immigrants to Fight in Ukraine Exacerbating Ethnic Tensions in Russia, Abashin Says

10.  Leaving Russia Acceptable ‘New Normal’ for Educated Russians Opposed to the War, Borusyak Says

11.  Minsk’s Use of Latin Script on Street Signs Upsets Some in Moscow  

12.  Many Kazakhs Say Putin’s War in Ukraine a ‘Prelude’ to Russian Annexation of Their Country, Sociologists Say   

13.  Duma Demands Russian Officials Not Use Foreign Words When Russian Counterparts Exist – But Uses Them in Making That Demand   

14.  ‘Inferred Justification’ – Why Many Russians Accept Putin’s Explanations on Ukraine for Same Reason Many Americans Did Bush’s on Iraq   

15.  Stalin Opposed Having a Separate Ethnic Russian Republic, Newly Released Document Shows   

16.  Verkhovna Rada Deputies Form Free Ichkeria Inter-Fractional Group   

17.  Tatarstan Proposal for Russian Law Punishing Those who Fail to Respect Regional and Republic Symbols Quickly Gains Support of Other Federal Subjects   

18.  Revanchism is Putin’s Ideology and His Poisonous Legacy the World Must Combat, Portnikov Says   

19.  Russia Suffering Widespread Labor Shortages and Upward Pressure on Wages, Rychkova Says 

20.  Russia has Only 75 Percent of Tankers It Needs, Giving West Another Way to Put Pressure on Moscow, Katasonov Says 

21.  Duma Says Crimes aren’t Crimes in Donbass if They’re Committed ‘in the Interests of Russia’  

22.  Russian Officials Say They Hope to Learn from Iran on How to Control Protests, Leading Some to Worry Moscow wants to Execute Protesters 

23.  Kazakh Officials No More Successful than Russian Ones in Defining ‘Traditional Islam’ Despite that Being the Only Kind They Like, Experts Say

24.  Putin Wrong to Think Russia Can Buy Its Way Out of Its Demographic Difficulties, Moscow Experts Say

25.  Putin Regime Colludes with Developers, Opening the Way for Destruction of Orthodox Churches in Moscow

26.  Moscow Delays Implementation of Its Failed Trash Reform Three More Years, Making Massive Protests More Likely

27.  Moscow’s Sale of Timber to China Leaving Many Siberians Freezing This Winter 

28.  Russian Defeats Forcing Moscow to Shift from Propaganda to Crisis Communications to Insulate Putin from Criticism, Asmolov Says  

29.  Armenian Activists Call on UN to Send International Peacekeepers to Region in Place of Russian Units   

30.  Action by League of Nations 83 Years Ago This Week a Clear Precedent for Expelling Russia from UN   

31.  ‘Russian People’ have Been in Only One Russian Constitution and Not the Latest, Vereshchagin Says   

32.  Plans to Revive System of State Orders for Art Recall Ideological Control of Stalin’s Times, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Warns   

33.  Moscow will Need Many Months to Train Replacements for IT Professionals who have Fled Russia, Figures Show   

34.  Elections Make Even Loyal Mayors More Independent-Minded and So Russian Governors will Always Seek to Do Away with Their Election, Vitaly Ivanov Says   

35.  Putin Putting in Place ‘Mechanism for Permanent War,’ El Murid Says 

36.  As Newly Mobilized Arrive in Ukraine, More Russians Want to Find Out How to Surrender   

37.  MGIMO Expert Proposes Russia Attack Azerbaijan with Rockets to Disrupt World Oil Market and Punish Baku   

38.  Kazan Playing Chicken with Moscow over President Title Right to the End — and Maybe Beyond  

39.  Personalist Dictatorships Like Putin’s Less Likely to Be Succeeded by Democracies than are Other Kinds, Gallyamov Says  

40.  Moscow and Its Agents in KBR Shift from Ignoring Activists to Repressing and Silencing Them, Khakuasheva Says  

41.  Beijing Takes from Collapse of USSR the Lesson that It Must Never Allow a Weakening of Party Control, Zuyenko Says   

42.  Three Baltic Countries Share Many Demographic Trends but Diverge on Others   

43.  Stalin Ended Winter War in 1940 Before Britain and France Could Attack USSR, Russians Told Declassified Intelligence Shows    

44.  Putin Propaganda Far More Effective Abroad than Its Soviet Predecessor Ever Was, Russians Say 

45.  Russia’s Libraries Told to Remove ‘Objectionable’ Books from Shelves and Send Them to Be Burned, Lebedenko Says 

46.  International Community will Have to Intervene Massively to Allow Russians to Control Their Own Government, Shtepa Says 

47.  Russian Elite Increasing Divided on What to Do If Russia Faces Defeat in Ukraine, Stanovaya Says   

48.  After Defeats in Ukraine, Even Russian Imperialists are Scaling Back Their Fantasies

49.  The End of an Era of Hope: Moscow to Liquidate Moscow Helsinki Group 

50.  Dugin’s Plan to De-Modernize Russia would Lead to Country’s Death, El Murid Says

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