The Required Unified Circassian Action

The Required Unified Circassian Action

Adel Bashqawi

January 30, 2023

The conditions and developments that took place with regard to the Circassian issue during the past years, especially the last year, make it necessary to take a closer look at the emergence of circumstances that were not easy to overcome due to the wide area in which there are contradictions and consensuses as follows:

— It has been proven that the greater the ambitions and aspirations are for the benefit of the whole society that represents the nation, to work diligently and actively for the purpose of achieving that no one has yet been able to pass through and achieve, which is the critical stage that must be passed in order to be able to move to broader advanced stages. Instead, people are unable to coordinate the efforts of everyone to work for the common interest and lofty goals. There are always gaps that erupt that represent narrow ideas that reflect nothing but selfishness, narcissism and disregard to what can be accomplished at appropriate times whose importance cannot be overlooked and the need to adhere to them by various means and methods.

— It is not possible for an oppressed nation that attempts to strive ago assert its rights, far and near, to rise and reach the level that its proud members aspire to achieve. There is a necessity to urge the intellectuals and those who are considered caring and conscientious people not to pay attention to groups whose only goal and concern is to appear and / or impose their own opinion on everyone. Thus underestimating the efforts of others and trying to dwarf them, their thoughts and the noble deeds that they intend to do.

— Even so, these groups represent very limited size and importance. However, they are tempted to frustrate the march in the course of virtuousness and development. They tend to block serious attempts to get out of the bottleneck. Knowing that these entities are limited in size and efforts, they can be a real threat if they are not taken seriously.

— It is natural to have a nation the size of the Circassian nation, to have multiple groups thoughts and projects to embark on the path of salvation. However, no one has the right to play smart and try to place obstacles of any kind.

— Freedom of opinion and action is guaranteed, and it is not permissible for anyone to try to distribute judgment and sermons that will only increase the situation in crisis and division. The pattern of adopting diversity and pluralism is the way of life that different currents of political and social policies are followed by many people who choose various ways and opinions of diligence. So that everyone meets to work for the national interest, and whoever obtains the approval and support of the majority wins the way that should be followed, but no one has the right to offend and describe matters in a way that is not true.

— The lack of agreement between the aspirations of those in charge of managing the Circassian associations and institutions in the Circassian communities, whether at home or in the diaspora, and the nationalist activists who seek to demand the minimum legitimate rights according to international laws and norms.

— But quite frankly, some segments of the people who are accustomed to  operate behind the screens, chaos and noise will not understand the need for democracy and the right to express an opinion and work according to an agenda whose goals are agreed upon by all, as actions reflect intentions.

— This widespread phenomenon in dozens of locations away from the original homeland, and the lack of clarity of vision or the attempt to hide facts that cannot be denied or overlooked makes these facts complicated that must be overcome.

— The bottom line indicates that there is a crisis of lack of real representation in the Circassian communities, and thus different groups are trying to decide on behalf of all. However, their endeavors will be only in the interest of the enemies, who do not want this nation to exist as a nation, it has its respect and dignity, despite adversities.

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