Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / April 10, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / April 10, 2023

Today, I complete my 20th day of radiation treatments for a second kind of cancer. They haven’t been fun and I haven’t been able to work very much. I hope that with their end, I will soon be in a position to prepare Windows more frequently. Paul Goble

1.     To Succeed, Opposition Must Offer Not a Copy of Europe but an Alternative Russian World, Pastukhov Says

2.     More than Half of All Russian Men Die Before Reaching Pension Age, Health Ministry Says

3.     Stalin Destroyed Non-Russian Intelligentsias Before Launching Broader Great Terror of 1937

4.     Some Russians Re-Identifying as Ukrainians Because of Their Disgust with Putin’s Policies, Moscow Psychologist Says

5.     Singing in Native Languages Continues to Help Bashkir and Tatar Nations to Survive

6.     Paris Graves of People from the Caucasus Being Maintained By Their Descendants and Supporters

7.     Putin and His Regime have Same Underlying Goals Hitler and the Nazis Did, Skobov Says

8.     Real Russian Patriots Learning Chinese So They Can Stay in Russia, Other Russians Say

9.     Putin Wants Russians to Live So Poorly They’re Ready to Die for Him, Kolesnikov Says

10.  Risks from Russia Falling Apart Far Less than Risks from It Remaining in One Piece, Ginzburg Says

11.  Moscow has Exploited Hostility to Ethnic Minorities It Promoted within Russia to Demonize Ukrainians, Berezhkov Says

12.  Moscow Promoting Ever More Military Programs for Ever Younger School-Age Groups

13.  USSR Fell Apart Precisely Because Russians are Tired of Sacrificing for Imperial Goals, Tsipko Says

14.  Two Data Sets Highlight Collapse of Russian World in Former Soviet Space and Unlikelihood It Can Ever be Revived

15.  Moscow isn’t Subsidizing Most Federal Subjects but Only Giving Back Part of What It Takes from Them, Fomin Says

16.  Any Fool Can Criticize Putin, Russians Say, But It Takes a Real Expert to Find Something about Him to Praise

17.  Kremlin Worried Newly Minted Russian Citizens from Central Asia Arming Themselves to Overthrow Regime

18.  State So Central to Russian Identity that Civil Society There Plays an Entirely Different Role, Forrat Says

19.  Millions of Central Asians will Soon Be Flooding into Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences Says

20.  Moscow Students Protest Decision Making Chinese a Mandatory Subject at MFTI

21.  Kremlin’s Dismissal of Kalmyk Religious Leader Last Straw for Russia’s Buddhists, Dorzhin Says

22.  One Russian in Four Now Lives in Poverty, Not the One in Ten the Putin Regime Says

23.  Putin’s Break with Europe Puts Russia On Course to Become Again a Marginal and Unattractive Muscovy, Nevzlin Says

24.  Russia’s Four Million Homeless a National Shame, Udaltsov Says  

25.  Treatment of Dogs Shows How Russian Officials Reduce Good Intentions to Absurd Opposites, Doliyev Says

26.  Patrushev’s Words Not Ravings of a Madman but Typical Calculation of the Terminally Ill, Eidman Says

27.  Putin’s Russia Now has Its Own Lysenko, Koch Says  

28.  Putin Responding to ICC Arrest Warrant by Lengthening His Desk and Deepening His Bunker, Russians Say

29.  Moscow Keeps Raising Budget for Prosthetic Limbs But Not Keeping Up with Casualty Losses in Ukraine

30.  Ethnos Theory was a Proximate Cause of the Demise of USSR, Funk Says  

31.  Kremlin has Made Defending Moscow Patriarchate Key Part of Russian Foreign Policy, Lunkin Says

32.  Chechnya Not the Pro-War Bastion Moscow Presents It as Being, Sevrinovsky Says

33.  Water May Become Cause of War or Source of Peace in South Caucasus, Shepilov Says

34.  USSR’s Disintegration ‘Inspired West’ to Believe It Could Have More Such Victories without War, Chadayev Says

35.  Finland’s Accession to NATO Death Knell for Russia’s Baltic Fleet, Moscow Analyst Says

36.  Average Age of Russians Left without Arms or Legs from Putin’s War in Ukraine 27, Russian Official Says

37.  ‘Whatever Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Poorer,’ Russians Say  

38.  Many Non-Russian Nations No Longer Have Any Authors Under 35 Writing in Their Native Languages, Arzamasov Says

39.  Russia’s Feminists Fighting Moscow’s Drive for Re-Traditionalization Across the Board

40.  Russian Prisons Doing Little to Rehabilitate Inmates and So Recidivists Outnumber First Time Offenders There by More than 20 Percent

41.  Climate Change in Far North Sparking Apocalyptic Expectations among Indigenous Peoples, Rakhmanova Says

42.  Vilnius Expects Constantinople to Establish an Exarchate in Lithuania Soon

43.  By Linking Himself So Closely with Siloviki, Putin has Opened the Way for Others to Conspire Against Him, Gallyamov Says

44.  Kyiv Could Accept a ‘Land for Peace’ Deal Only if Ukraine Gets NATO Membership and the Alliance Stations Troops There, Pastukhov Says

45.  Moscow’s Greatest Fear about Orthodox Church in Belarus May Be about to Come True

46.  World Bank Seconds Russian Academy of Sciences’ Conclusion that Climate Change will Drive Millions of Central Asians into Russia

47.  77 Percent of Ukrainians Hostile to Russians, 94 Percent to Russian State, and 97 Percent to Putin Personally, Razumkov Center Poll Finds

48.  Ingushetia Descends into Violence, Magas Calls on Population Not to Help the Militants

49.  Only 53 Percent of Russians Fully Committed to Voting for Putin, Presidential Administration Tells Regions

50.  Ethnic Russian Share of Population Either Stable or Up Slightly, Raksha Says

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