Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia April 28, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia April 28, 2023

I have completed the latest round radiation treatments and am slowly on the mend. Thanks to everyone who has been in contact and sent get well messages. As I recover, I hope to post more regularly again. Paul Goble

1.     New ‘Counter-Terrorism Operation’ in Ingushetia Highlights Failure of Russian Siloviki to Do Their Jobs, Cherkasov Says   

2.     Russian Imperial Nationalism Kremlin Using in Ukraine Threat to Regime’s Survival Regardless of How War Ends, Tevdoy-Burmuli Says  

3.     Melting of Permafrost May Release Not Only Ancient Bacteria but More Recent Burials of Dangerous Chemicals

4.     Shadowy Pro-Moscow Group Announces Conference to Undermine Alternative Post-Russia Meetings

5. Russia’s Regionalist and Nationalist Movements Cooperating   

6. Almost 90 Percent of Kazakhs Say They’re Religious But Real Share is Far Lower, Makhanov Says 

7. Moscow May Get a Fifth Mosque but Not Before Conflict Spreads Far Beyond Ring Road   

8. Moscow TV Finds a Way to Cover Putin’s War: Ukraine Suffers ‘Shameful’ Victories while Russia Wins ‘Valiant’ Defeats, Some Russians Now Say  

9. Kremlin’s Biggest Fear is that Russians Will Begin Asking Questions about Future, Yudin Says  

10. If Russians Refuse to See that Putin’s Hyper-Centralization is a Problem, Russia’s Disintegration is Entirely Possible, Budraitskis Says  

11. Russian Residents in Smaller Communities Angered by Moscow’s Making Heroes of Criminals People There are Likely to Know, Erlikhman Says  

12. By Design, Putin’s War in Ukraine Hitting Numerically Smallest Nations in Russia Hardest   

13. If, as Gusev Argues, Neither Nationality Nor Regionalism will Transform Russia, Then What Will?   

14.  ‘Nothing about Us without Us’ – Non-Russians Angry at Muscovite Opposition’s Hijacking of Their Issue   

15.  West to Use New Immigrant Ghettos in Russia to Spark Revolts against Moscow, Panov Says  

 16.  Ukrainian War Seen Depressing Number of Ethnic Russians Leaving Kazakhstan Long After End of Conflict  

 17.  Russian Supporters and Opponents of Ukraine War have Move in Common than Either Side Thinks, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Study Says

 18.  Russian World Larger than Space Controlled by Russian Army ‘No Longer Exists,’ Desnitsky Says

 19.  Russians Remember How USSR Fell Apart but Not How It was Created, Levinson Says  

 20.  Russia’s Pacific Fleet has Been Rehearsing for Shoygu’s Unannounced Test for Two Months, Local Journalists Say  

 21.  Little Interest in Collective Action Across Russia, Scholars Find  

 22.  No Fewer than 66 People have Been Arrested for Attempted Sabotage Russian Railroads Since Putin Launched His Expanded War in Ukraine  

 23.  Moscow Slashes BAM Modernization Project by More than Half, Undermining Plans for Expanded China Trade  Because of Putin’s War in Ukraine, Russia Again Where It was in 1916, Gallyamov Says

 25.  Siberian Activists Plan Free University to Be Named for Author of ‘Siberia as a Colony’  

 26.  In Russia, Every Day is Beautiful Just Because It has Managed to Happen Despite Putin, Russians Say  

 27.  ‘Angry Patriots’ of Today Resemble the Black Hundreds Activists in 1916, Pryanikov Says  

 28.  Kremlin Driving Russia toward Disaster by Not Decentralizing Location of Major Firms, Dvinsky Says  

 29.  Kremlin Can Mobilize the Population Far Less than It had Imagined, Pastukhov Says

 30.  Putin Regime’s Use of ‘Language of Hatred’ Exacerbating Growth in Intolerance and Xenophobia, Gallyamov Says  

 31.  Ukrainian War Increasing Number of Orphans, Real and Social, in Russia, Stroganova Says  

 32.  Will Regional Protests about Utility Bills Be Like 1917 Petrograd Bread Riots that Led to Revolution?  

 33.  Most Russians Fail to Recognize Trolling for What It is and Give It Far More Importance than It Deserves, Makarkin Says  

 34.  When Moscow Couldn’t Take Kyiv in Three Days, It Resolved to Take Bakhmut in Eight Months – But Won’t Make That Deadline Either, Russians Say  

 35.  Russian Officials Undercounted Tatars in Moscow in Last Census by 140,000 or Almost Two Thirds, Analysis of Names on Election Lists Suggests

 36.  Ukraine War Allowing Russian Firms to Trash Environment and Moscow Helping by Shuttering Ecological Organizations Kremlin doesn’t Control  

 37.  ‘Prometheanism Showed that Joint Struggle for Independence is Possible,’ Libera Says  

 38.  Despite All Its Efforts, Kremlin hasn’t Been Able to Destroy Russian Civil Society, Okhotin Says  

 39.  Lacking an Ideology, Putin Regime Increasingly Relies on Terror Alone But Can’t Do So for Long, El Murid Says

 40.  Putin Seeks to Marginalize or Even Destroy All Religions Besides Traditional Faiths Loyal to the State  

 41.  Putin Propaganda Works Because It Plays to National Bolshevism of Today’s Russians, Pastukhov Says  

 42.  Russians and Non-Russians have Very Different Approaches on Actions Against Putin’s War in Ukraine, New Study Finds

 43.  Kremlin Working Hard to Keep Ukrainian Issue Out of Gubernatorial Campaigns  

44.  Combat Deaths in Ukraine Increasing Opposition to War There among Ingush, Akhilgov Says   

45.  Kremlin Compelled to Take Into Consideration ‘Regional Patriotism’ where It is Strong, Minchenko Says   

46.  Moscow Official Says Capital is Still More than 90 Percent Ethnic Russian but Provides Reasons for Not Believing That   

47.  No One Believed Putin had a Double Until His Spokesman Denied It, Russians Say   

48.  Ban on Annexations Putin has Now Violated Allowed the Cold War to Remain Cold, Skobov Says 

49.  VPN Helps Russian Internet Users But Hasn’t Become the All-Powerful Defense Some Expected   

50.  Domestic Air Ticket Prices Likely to Soar Unless Moscow Extends Massive Subsidies, Industry Says


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