Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia May 10, 2023   

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia May 10, 2023

1.     Approaching End of Today’s Russia More Likely to Resemble 1918 than 1991  

2.     Putin is Bombing Ukraine to Make It Look Just Like Russia Beyond the Ring Road, Muscovites Say  

3.     Kremlin Now Seeking to Block Not Just Critical Russian-Language Outlets but English Ones as Well, Soldatov Says  

4.     Russians Feel Less Connected to But More Responsible for Former Union Republics than They Did 30 Years Ago, VTsIOM Polls Show  

5.     Ingush Independence Committee Forms Ingush Liberation Army, Says Its Getting Volunteers  

6.     Moscow Seeks to Play Down Problems of Ethnic Kazakhs in China  

7.     Fergana Valley Heading toward an Explosion, Experts Say  

8.     Putin’s Cult of Masculinity and His War in Ukraine Preventing Russia from Closing Gender Gap in Life Expectancy, Scholars Say  

9.     For Russia to Become a Democratic Federation, Elites in Regions Must Be Transformed, Golosov Says  

10.  Karelian Residents Per Capita More Frequently Being Declared Foreign Agents than Moscow Ones  

11.  Building New Company Towns in Russia a Temptation that Must Be Resisted, Zamyatina Says  

12.  Russians Now Taking Putin’s War in Ukraine in Stride and Will Unless Something Touching Them Directly Occurs, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says

13.  ‘If Putin Wins in Ukraine, Russia Will Face Stalinist Fascism; If He Loses, It will Face the Hitlerite Variant,’ Sergey Medvedev Says  

14.  War in Ukraine Pushing Up Level of Violent Crime in Russia Ever More Rapidly, Yasaveyev Says  

15.  ‘First Signs of Civil War in Russia Now Obvious,’ Eidman Says  

16.  Putin Shouldn’t Just Ignore West’s Rules; He Should Ignore All Rules, Russians Say  

17.  Russian Court Cases Held Behind Closed Doors Double over Last Five Years, Setting a New Record  

18.  Moscow Wants to Involve China More Deeply in Arctic but Beijing has Adopted ‘Wait and See’ Posture Until Outcome of Ukrainian War is Clearer  

19.  Some in Moscow Want to Cancel Saimaa Canal Accord Now that Finland has Joined NATO  

20.  Lithuanian Tatar Community Helping to Integrate Muslims Arriving There  

21.  Three Kazakh Political Scientists Divided on Whether Their Country Faces Separatist Threats  

22.  Kremlin ‘High Precision Roof’ Destroys Ukrainian Drone, Some Russians Say Officials Claim  

23.  Ethnic Kazakhs Now Form Over 70 Percent of Country’s Population, and Tokayev Wants All Residents to Identify as Kazakhs Not Kazakhstantsy  

24.  Kadyrov Says He Wants to Form a Mercenary Army to Defend ‘Oppressed Peoples’  =

25.  Bastrykin Talks about a New Ideology but Doesn’t Need One for Police State He Wants, Cherkasov Says  

26.  Moscow Closing SOVA Center for Actions It Earlier was Awarded Presidential Grants to Take, Verkhovsky Says  

27.  Russians Don’t Use the Internet the Way Soviets who Listened to Western ‘Voices’ Through Jamming Did, Levinson Says  

28.  Russians Overwhelmingly Support War in Ukraine but Without Particular Enthusiasm, Survey Shows  

29.  Russia isn’t the USSR: Now for Carrying Signs Celebrating Peace, Labor and May You will Go to Jail Not Get a Day Off

30.  In an Act of Profound Importance, Ichkeria Recognizes Tatarstan’s Independence

31.  If Tatarstan had Bordered a Foreign Country, Moscow would have Dealt with It Differently, Khakimov Says Russian Officials Acknowledged  

32.  Kyiv Map of Post-Russia Not Only Features New Countries but Also Restores Territories Seized from Others and Sets Up Special Mandates in the North  

33.  In Kyrgyzstan, There Now Really are More Mosques than Schools  

34.  Laying Flowers in a Public Place as a Form of Protest Spreading in Russia Despite Increasing Efforts of Authorities to Stop It, Arkhipova Says  

35.  Peskov Claims Not a Single Putin was Injured in Drone Attack on Kremlin, Some Russians Say  

36.  40 Numerically Small Peoples of Russian Arctic Get Their Own Bilingual ‘Megapedia’ Portal  

37.  ‘Virus of Civil War’ about to Shift from Incubation to Active State and lead to ‘Armed Violence’ in Russia, Pastukhov Says  

38.  Rosstat Figures Show Russia has Spent Five Trillion Rubles on Ukrainian War over Last 14 Months, Aleksashenko Says  

39.  If Putin Dies, He’ll Be Succeeded by ‘Another Putin’ and War Against West will Continue, Felshtinsky Says  

40.  The Share of Russians who Oppose Putin’s War in Ukraine is Far Larger than That Prepared to Protest Against It, Koneva Says  

41.  Russian Police Behaving Ever More Brutally to Anti-War Activists, Chashchilova Says  

42.  Few Russians Get the Big Paychecks at Defense Factories Moscow Promises and Those who Do are Forced to Give Back ‘Contributions’ to War Effort  

43.  Russia Moving to Caste System for Immigrants and May Do the Same to Natives, Ismailov Suggests

44.  After Peskov Said Putin would Speak on May 9 via a Video Link, Some Russians Suggested that for Greater Security, One of His Doubles Would Appear  

45.  To Fly from One Siberian Oblast to Its Neighbors, Russians Now will Again have to Go Through Moscow Just as in Soviet Times

46.  An Independent Konigsberg will be a Russian-Speaking Baltic Republic  

47.  If Duma Enacts Putin Regime-Backed Measure, 90 Percent of Russia’s 4.7 Million Homeless Dogs May be Shot, Animal Rights Activists Say  

48.  Russia Military Using Weapons Older than Its Soldiers to Make Up for Equipment Losses in Ukraine  

49.  Founders of Eurasianism Opposed Imperialism, Supported Democracy and Favored Federalism, Vakhitov Says

50.  Russian Émigrés Competing Not for Power in Moscow but to Lobby West about Need for Putin’s Rapid Defeat in Ukraine, Gozman Says

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