A Monster Created by the Regime was on the Verge of Overthrowing It

A Monster Created by the Regime was on the Verge of Overthrowing It

Adel Bashqawi

June 25, 2023

On the twenty-third of June 2023, an avalanche was reached regarding the relationship between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian regime behind it on the one hand,, and Yevgeny Prigozhin, his Wagner Group, and some influential people in the ruling authorities in Moscow on the other hand.

This was preceded by direct threats made by the head of the Wagner Group, which began at the start of the so-called special operation in Ukraine on the twenty-fourth of February 2022. The threats accumulated rapidly, leading to accusations of corruption, incompetence, and failure to train young Russian recruits before sending them to the war fronts in Ukraine against Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov.

He also accused them of failing to provide the necessary ammunition and gear for the ongoing battles, resulting in the death of hundreds of Wagner fighters by Ukrainian forces, particularly in the defense of Bakhmut. This miscalculation had far-reaching effects, impacting the military, political, social, and other areas that affect the citizens and the state governing the destinies of numerous non-Russian peoples and nations.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, known for his eccentricities, has a criminal history for which he was sentenced to 12 years in prison during the Soviet era. He served nine years of his sentence, before the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Later, he became a contractor supplying various types of food, including sausages from his establishments, winning contracts with schools, government employees, and the Russian army. He gained the nickname “Putin’s Chef” due to his special relationship with President Vladimir Putin. He earned the trust of the Russian president by successfully serving favorite meals and lavish banquets to Putin and high-ranking officials.

With the encouragement and support of the Russian authorities, particularly President Putin, he co-founded the Wagner Group in partnership with retired Special Forces officer Dmitry Utkin. The Wagner Group was established as an executive arm of the Russian authorities and intelligence services, involved in suspicious operations related to the extraction and trade of gold, diamonds, and other precious metals. It conducted military operations outside Russia, including significant involvement in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Mali, and various Latin American countries, and others.

Practically, he applied the saying “The armies march on their stomachs” in his own way and, as a result of his public relations efforts, the monster created by the regime was on the verge of overthrowing it. This caused significant embarrassment to the regime worldwide, especially considering its unjustified war against Ukraine. One of life’s lessons is that those who sow the seeds of hatred will reap what they have sown.

The disastrous rebellion can be attributed to short-sighted planning, displaying weakness and an inability to properly assess the situation, along with a lack of spatial and temporal awareness. This failure reflects the errors made in Ukraine, where the consequences of irresponsible actions were unforeseen. The evaluation of the situation was disappointing, unprofessional, and executed in an amateurish manner.

Ukraine’s Perspective

The Ukrainian president described the situation in Russia as chaotic and stated, “Russia’s masters do not control anything. Nothing at all. Just complete chaos.” The impact was not limited to Russia alone but also affected Ukraine due to the Russian invasion of their geographically and ethnically closest neighbor. It is worth noting that Russia is one of the signatories of the Budapest Treaty, which pledged security guarantees, protection, and the preservation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity in exchange for Ukraine’s voluntary abandonment of nuclear weapons. The treaty was signed in December 1994 (source: https://treaties.un.org/Pages/showDetails.aspx?objid=0800000280401fbb).

As a result, “Ukrainian forces have been trying to penetrate the Russian defenses in the occupied Ukrainian regions.” Ukrainian military sources reported, “We have regained control of positions occupied since 2014 in the Krasnohorivka region.”

The Breaking News that Surprised Everyone

Wagner’s chief crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border with his forces to take control of Rostov, Veronikh, and other important military centers and bases in these areas. He then advanced towards Moscow, making fiery statements and unambiguous threats against senior officials in the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, including criticism of President Putin himself. Prigozhin claimed that his actions were aimed at implementing justice and not carrying out a military coup, asserting that most members of the Russian army supported his Wagner organization.

Prigozhin took control of the Russian military command in Rostov without firing a shot. Another convoy of Wagner fighters, led by Dmitry Utkin, consisting of approximately 5,000 fighters, headed north on the M4 Highway and approached within 200 kilometers of the outskirts of Moscow before being ordered by Prigozhin to halt. The convoy was instructed to return to its point of origin.

Ironically, Russian President Putin stated, “We are fighting for Russia to remain a country with a long history,” ignoring the reality of the long history of wars of extermination waged against numerous peoples and nations subjected to the Russian state since the tsarist/imperial era, with many of them still occupied today. This includes Circassia and the peoples and nations of the Caucasus region and beyond.

To prevent a further escalation in Moscow, the city’s mayor made the following announcements:

• ”The situation is difficult, and we have activated anti-terrorism measures in the capital, which may lead to traffic restrictions in certain areas.”

• ”Boat traffic on the Moskva River is suspended until further notice.”

• ”Residents are advised to limit their movement as much as possible.”

“Vehicle movement is restricted.”

• ”Monday, June 26, will be a public holiday in the Russian capital.”

“Public parks will be closed.”

• ”International flight schedules have been canceled or modified.”

• RIA Novosti reported, “Intensive security reinforcements and checkpoints with armored vehicles and grenade launchers have been established at Moscow’s entrances.”

• ”President Putin has decided to raise the age limit for contractual service in the army to 70 years.”

• TASS, on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Transport, announced the cancellation or restriction of land transportation between Russian regions, and the sale of interregional tickets has been suspended until further notice.

• The Russian Foreign Ministry declared, “The adventurous aspirations of the conspirators aim to destabilize Russia and undermine our unity.”

• Internet usage has been restricted in certain operational areas.

• Media reports stating that Russian officials have left Moscow for undisclosed destinations have been deemed untrue.

An Unexpected End

When it seemed impossible to crush the rebellion, which the Wagner Organization referred to as the “March of Justice,” Prigozhin announced in an audio message that his fighters would return to their bases to avoid bloodshed. The crisis was resolved through the mediation of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko between Prigozhin and the Kremlin. Security guarantees were granted to the head and fighters of Wagner, and criminal charges against them were dropped.

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