Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / June 28, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / June 28, 2023

1.     Putin Redefining Holidays of Non-Russians to Gut Them of Traditional Meanings, Sidorov Says  

 2.     In Mari El, Day of Russia Only for Ethnic Russians, Anonymous Commentator Says

 3.     Moscow Closing Another Source for Russian Losses in Ukraine

 4.     ‘Demonstrative Religiosity’ as Show of Support for Old Elites Re-Emerging in Kazakhstan, Kaznacheyev Says  

 5.     Non-Russian Publishers Increasingly Translating Directly from Languages of the Original rather than from Russian-Language Versions  

 6.     Komi Republic Residents Press for Referendum on Return to Direct Election of Mayors – As Way of Protesting War in Ukraine  

 7.     Émigré Politicians, Russian and Non-Russian, Mired in Wishful Thinking, Vintsevskaya Says  

 8.     Again this Year, More of Russia’s Muslims Want to Make the Haj than the Saudi Quota Allowed

 9.     Russians and Ukrainians Differ Ideologically in Three Ways, St. Petersburg Journalist Says

 10.  Construction of Northern Broad Gage Railway, a Key Putin Project, Now Won’t Even Be Launched until at Least 2027, Moscow Says  

 11.  Russian Émigré Parliament Includes US-Style ‘Second Amendment’ in Provisional Constitution  

 12.  After Putin Called Zelensky ‘a Disgrace to the Jewish People,’ Jews Called the Kremlin Leader a Disgrace to the Russian One, Some Russians are Saying  

 13.  Putin Opening the Way for an Anti-Semitic Campaign in Russia, Pastukhov Says  

 14.  Real Disintegration of Empire will Occur with ‘Splitting Up of the So-Called “Russian Nation” and Not Simply the Departure of the Non-Russian Republics,’ Rokash Says  

 15.  ‘Replacement Culture’ Fears Now Affecting Some Russians  

 16.  Putin Orders Creation of Special Institute to Study LGBT Behavior, an Action that Points to Spread of Forced Conversion Therapy  

 17.  Three Flags Over Russia

 18.  Putin’s Russia Reviving Economic Arrangements of Last Years of Soviet Power with Potentially Fatal Results, ‘The Insider’ Says  

 19.  Men from Buryatia 75 Times More Likely to Die in Ukraine than Those from Moscow, Two New Studies Find But Disagree on Reason  

 20.  War-Induced Violence in Russian Homes Likely to Increase Unless Country Decentralizes or Disintegrates, Bashurova Says  

 21.  Criminals even Prigozhin’s Wagner PMC wouldn’t Take Now Joining Regular Army, ‘Verstka’ Says  

 22.  Except under Putin, Only an Army can Discredit Itself, Russians Observe  

 23.  The Russian Empire is Reviving and Russians Should be Proud, Mozhegov Says

 24.  Collapse of Russian Empire ‘Inevitable’ because Urban Identities Becoming ‘Stronger than a National One,’ Gelman Says  

 25.  If Free Elections are Held Soon after Putin’s Exit, Those in Power Now Likely to Win, Golosov Says

 26.  Elder Abuse on the Rise in Russia but Regime Hiding Behind Absence of Statistics on It  

 27.  Kremlin Propaganda Seeks ‘to Polarize rather than Persuade,’ Alyukov Says  

 28.  Moscow Counting on Growth of Urban Agglomerations to Compensate for Falling Income from Oil and Gas, Sergeyev Says  

 29.  Putin Says Prigozhin Revolt ‘Stab in Back’ like in 1917 But Others are Drawing Different Historical Parallels  

 30.  Two-Thirds of Ethnic Russians in Estonia Now Define Themselves as Estonian-Russian, Russian-Speaking Estonian or both Estonian and Russian, Survey Finds

 31.  New Rosstat Figures Suggest Russia Suffered 7,000 Combat Deaths in Ukraine in 2022  

 32.  Russians Opposed to Putin’s War in Ukraine Nevertheless Angry about Ukrainian Attacks on Russian Territory and May Become More Radicalized in Their Views, Psychologist Says  

 33.  Putin’s Approach to Russian History Builds on Soviet-Era History Textbooks, Desnitsky Says

 34.  Polls have One Meaning when Those being Surveyed See Real Alternatives and Another when They Don’t, Levinson Says  

 35.  With Prigozhin, Russia Attacked Moscow but Then Backed Off, Some Russians are Saying  

 36.  Prigozhin Rising ‘Deadly for Putin’s Reputation’ among Russians, Pastukhov Says   

 37.  Prigozhin Rising Classic Example of Mafia Wars, Nevzlin Says

 38.  Tyva Will Be First Republic in Russia to Declare Independence, Zinchenko Says

39.  Prigozhin’s Rising Cut Russian Supply Lines to Ukraine, Ensuring Kyiv can Win the War if It Acts Quickly, Inozemtsev Says  

40.  Prigozhin Revolt hasn’t Led to Collapse of State, Skobov Says; It Only Showed That Such a Collapse had Already Taken Place  

 41.  Russia Descending Not into a Civil War but into a War of All Against All, Gerashchenko Says  

 42.  Environmental Activism, a Seedbed for Political Dissent, ‘a Headache for Russia’s Colonial Rulers,’ Sidorov Says  

 43.  Russia has Still Not Learned the Lessons of the Arrest and Execution of Beria, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says  

 44.  Despite Moscow’s Opposition, Push for Restoring Popularly Elected Mayors Spreads in Northern Russia   

 45.  Russian Army Couldn’t Take Kyiv in Three Days, but a Single Regiment Could Occupy Rostov in One and Even Threaten Moscow, Russians Say

 46.  Soviet Tatar General Gareyev Cared ‘Not Only about the Military but Also about His Tatar Nation,’ Akchurin Says  

 47.  Provocative New Book Views Russian-Chinese Borderlands as ‘a Limitrophe’   

48.  Finnish Campaign to Close Russian Consulate in Aaland Islands Start of NATO Campaign to Militarize Them at Moscow’s Expense, Nefyodov Says 

49.  Chinese Analysts Say Sakha Wants Independence but Russia Can Block that At Least for Now

50.  Mutinies like Prigozhin’s Typically Harbingers of Larger Events Like Revolutions or Civil Wars, Rogov Says

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