Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / July 9, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / July 9, 2023

بول غوبل

1.     Putin has Truly Transformed Russia — into a Joke, Some Russians Say

2.     Russia Won’t Disintegrate Right after Putin Goes But Could Later if His Successors Mishandle the Situation, Kynyev Says

3.     Putin Must Now Choose Between Being a Stalin or Becoming a Gorbachev — or Someone Else will Make that Choice, Savvin Says

4.     Prigozhin Mutiny Showed Putin Couldn’t Mobilize Much of Anything Against It, Sonin Says

5.     ‘Moscow Will Burn and We’ll Throw On More Matches’ – Russians in the Regions React to Prigozhin Mutiny

6.     Putin Destroyed Russian State by Making All Its Institutions Like Prigozhin’s PMC, Matveyev Says

7.     Moscow Must Double Share of GDP It Now Spends on Healthcare Just to Return Mortality Rates to Where They were at End of Soviet Times, Nigmatullin Says

8.     If Regions Want Moscow to Meet Their Demands, They Must Back Them Up with Force, Russians Conclude Putin has Told the Country

9.     Prigozhin Gave Up When He Realized He Couldn’t Reach the Other End of Putin’s Table, Russians Say  

10.  Prigozhin Rising Showed Moscow and Other Russian Rear Areas Nearly Defenseless

11.  Muslims from North Caucasus Signing Up for Haj from Other Russian Regions to End Run Republic Quotas

12.  Russia’s Regional Universities Being Pushed Back into the Narrow Specialization of Soviet Times, Uzdenov Says

13.  Fate of Arctic Depends on Whether Russia Tilts toward China or towards Europe, Shumanov Says

14.  If Kyiv Ends Ukrainian Language Dubbing of Foreign Films, Ukraine will Suffer Immeasurably, Danilenko Says

15.  Russians Almost Equally Divided on Whether They Trust One Another, VTsIOM Poll Finds

16.  Likelihood Mandate of Russian ‘Peacekeepers’ in Karabakh will Be Extended ‘Decreasing,’ Moscow Analyst Says

17.  Moscow Experts Debate Whether Russia Should or Even Can Organize a Partisan Movement in Ukraine

18.  Putin’s Ratings Fell 9-14 Percent as a Result of Prigozhin Mutiny, Regional Officials Tell Kremlin

19.  Russian Police Far Less Likely than FSB Officers to Engage in Illegal Forms of Law Enforcement, Experts Say

20.  ‘Friendship of the Peoples’ has Been Redefined under Putin, Some Russians Say

21.  Half of Russians Believe in a Hidden World Government and Some Think It was Behind Prigozhin Mutiny, Shelin Says

22.  Russia’s Record Low Unemployment Anything but Cause for Celebration, Moscow Experts Say

23.  Many Chechens Reportedly Said They Hoped ‘Putinists and Wagnerites would Kill One another and Leave Us Alone’

24.  More than Three Out of Five Ukrainians have had a Close Friend or Family Member Killed or Wounded in War Against Russia, Kyiv Poll Finds

25.  Conflict Between Iran and Afghanistan Threatens to Trigger Violence in Central Asia

26.  Moscow Giving Up on Plans for a Separate Russian Internet and Targeting Users Instead, Russian Experts Say

27.  Liberal Opposition Must Draw Some Unwelcome Lessons from Prigozhin Episode, Pastukhov Says

28.  One Week after the Mutiny, Moscow TV Says Prigrozhin’s Victories in Ukraine a Myth, Russians Say. In Another, It will Deny Putin Ever Heard of Him  

29.  Lenin May have Created Ukraine, But Yeltsin Created the Russian Federation, Russians Say

30.  Moscow’s Approach to Oil Spills Reflects Russian Colonialism, Komi Journalist Says

31.  Sakha Activists Promoting Latin Script Used in the 1920s for Their Language

32.  Graduates in Ingushetia Given Diplomas Only If They Sign or Refuse to Sign a Summons to Russian Draft Offices

33.  Prigozhin Mutiny Direct Result of Putin’s Destruction of Government Institutions, Zavadskaya Says

34.  Putin’s System Will Degrade Even More Rapidly after His Departure than Stalin’s Did after 1953, Pastukhov Says

35.  Orthodox Leaders in Kazakhstan Now Say Autocephaly for Their National Church is ‘Inevitable’

36.  Stalin’s 1937 Deportation of Koreans First Such Action Against an Entire People

37.  Moscow Claims to Be Saving Ukrainian from Polonization But is Actually Seeking to Destroy that Language

38.  Kremlin has Slowed Down Change: Even Members of Brezhnev’s Politburo Weren’t in Office as Long as Putin’s Colleagues, Inozemtsev Says

39.  Border Disputes Among Russia’s Federal Subjects Continue Long after Deadline for Resolving Them, Raising Questions about Future Referenda

40.  Russians in New Independent States Overwhelmingly Identify with Those States and Not with Russia, New Poll Finds

41.  War in Ukraine Forcing Some Russian Governors to Assume Higher Public Profiles

42.  Last Year, More than 4,300 People Gave Up Russian Citizenship, Some Because They No Longer Could Put Up with being Identified as Russians

43.  Russian Criminals Pardoned for Service in Ukraine Not Punished as Strictly if They Commit New Crimes, ‘Verstka’ Says

44.  Kyiv has Achieved Its Goal: Russians Now Entering Crimea as If It were Foreign Territory, Russians Say

45.  OSCE’s Parliamentary Assembly Declares Russia a Colonial Empire

46.  Those who Want to Reform Russia after Putin Must Identify Short-Term Tasks and Pursue Them before Tackling Larger Ones, Titayev Says

47.  Apparently to Please Moscow, Ankara Now Deporting Some North Caucasians, Activists Say

48.  Explosive Growth in Numbers of Divorces in North Caucasus Result of Moscow’s Demographic Policies, Shukyurov Says

49.  Worker Shortages, Recession Behind Contraction of Russia’s Shadow Economy, Experts Say

50.  Kremlin Again Seeks to Promote the Idea that Life is Becoming Better at a Time when It Isn’t

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