Narcissism and its Impact on the Public Scene

Narcissism and its Impact on the Public Scene

Adel Bashqawi

July 10, 2023

A Chinese proverb says: “The best mirror in which you see yourself is your work.” This applies to those who have integrity, moderation, good manners, righteous conduct and sound speech. Such behavior will not abandon their lofty principles, customs and traditions that they inherited from their ancestors. They reflect a good idea of their people and their nation. They “enjoin what is right and forbid evil”.

What is Evil?

While, it is reckless, erroneous behavior, malice, and committing sins, which people of high moral character and human principles that cannot be overlooked or circumvented will not commit.

It relates to reckless wrongful behavior, malice, and committing sins, which are practiced by those who suffer from personality disorders, selfishness, and narcissism, which are not characterized or committed by people of high morals and human principles that cannot be bypassed or circumvented.

Quite the contrary, it is an instinctive characteristic instilled in the hearts of some people of weak souls who are influenced by selfish ambitions with the intent of obtaining prestige, money and power. This gives an indication that there are sadists afflicting the nation, and they work day and night in order to redirect the path against the clear direction, towards goals that are not transparent and contradict the recovery of legitimate Circassian rights. Socrates the Wise said: “The comfort of the wise is in the presence of truth … and the comfort of the fools is in the presence of falsehood.”

The Parliamentary Assembly of (OSCE)

The European countries, represented by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), realized and understood in the hard way and through the horrible and terrifying experiences what happened to dozens of indigenous peoples and nations by the colonial Russian state. Its homelands were invaded and occupied, its sanctities were violated, its peoples were exterminated and displaced, they were subjected to loss and fusion, and their homelands were annexed to a colonial entity the likes of which is rare in history.

All that was committed by the tsarist invasion forces and the Russian Empire since the time of the great prince of Moscow Ivan the Terrible, and through the successive regimes and ruling junta that also included the Soviet Union and up to the Russian Federation at the present time. In a related matter, “in Vancouver, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has declared Russia to be “a violent imperial and colonial” state that threatens the peoples both within the borders of the Russian Federation and those beyond.”[1]

The Circassian Question

When there is a problem that is difficult to solve, such as the Circassian Question, the skill of knowledge must be used in making the right and appropriate decision at the right time to address what can be solved. The decision must be effective and commensurate with the importance of the problem to be discussed or resolved. It must be connected to the lived reality and to the international and regional developments that cannot bear the exclusion of the afflicted nation from reality for decades or centuries that make resolving the problem closer to impossible.

In this example, it is necessary to rely first and foremost on managing the resources or elements of the asymmetric warfare, between a colonial state that invades, assaults, and seizes its neighbors of nations and peoples on the one hand, and the deep-rooted, ancient Circassian nation in its homeland located in the Northwestern Caucasus, whose people have been displaced between their homeland and the diaspora consisting of approximately fifty countries around the world for more than 159 years now, on the other hand.

In order for things to get out of the bottleneck, and the right decisions are taken by those qualified for that, according to a logical and systematic sequence, it is necessary to obtain sound opinions and the results of conducted studies that truly know the basic problems that must be researched and addressed. Therefore, the inappropriate ones are ignored.

What afflicts peoples and nations most of all is the actions of people who imposed themselves as custodians of their own people without an explicit authorization from anyone, and with unreal names for institutions that are far from the prospects for resolving the Circassian Question and restoring stolen and confiscated rights, under circumstances that cannot afford to wait any longer. Enough deep freeze and silence about the truth and even sometimes, standing by falsehood.

It is indeed sad that some tragedies and unhappy surprises pop out in the midst of Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian quagmire. What the families of non-Russian peoples, who have nothing to do with this reckless war, have reaped from the scourge of this unjustified bloody war cannot be tolerated. In this context, a Circassian woman from Mozdok in the Republic of North Ossetia stated, in a video interview that was published in January 2023, that “one hundred young Circassians from Mozdok, who were conscripted into the Russian army, and sent to the front in Ukraine, were (regrettably) killed after they were besieged in one of the military positions.”[2] This Circassian mother added that she is calling for the return of her son’s body to hold a funeral for him in his homeland.

Right and Wrong

What does it mean for some theorists in the diaspora, for example, to attempt to prejudice Circassian organizations and individuals, who are well-known for being proud of their nation and homeland? They are determined to take public decisions, actions and steps that they deemed appropriate. They are  engrossed in addressing Circassian, regional and international conferences and events, together with coordinating with everyone who has an interest in restoring the Circassian nation’s legitimate rights.

Note that the other party, which is represented by the Russian state, if this party wants a solution, the shortest way is to announce the intentions publicly, so this could have been done a long time ago. However, the Russian state has proven its unwillingness to listen to the language of reason and sit with the Circassians at the table of serious dialogue, which will present the appropriate solution that requires recognition of the committed genocide, to apologize to the Circassian people, to pay appropriate compensation, to end the occupation, the return of the displaced to their homeland in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [3], and the right to self-determination that is no statute of limitations, according to international laws and norms.

The world has been informed of the developments of the Circassian Question since the invasion of the Russian Empire and its defensive war that lasted for 101 years that ended on May 21, 1864. It led to the annihilation of half the nation and the displacement of 90% of the rest to the Ottoman Empire. They were dispersed in many countries after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923.


The Russian state, post-Yeltsin until now, has proven that the rulers of the Soviet Union were no better off than their predecessors and successors. Rather, they were all equally cruel, in denial of rights, ill-treatment and absolute disregard. Certainly, nothing will change that except the serious work, according to a plan of action based on preparing a legal file to present it to the international parties, who will work with the entire case in accordance with the relevant laws.


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