Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / August 12, 2023    

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / August 12, 2023

1.     All But Three Non-Russian Languages in Russian Federation have Fewer Speakers Now than They did when Putin Came to Power, ‘To Be Exact’ Reports  

 2.     Russian Population after Putin Likely to Be ‘Godless’ But with Large Protestant Denominations, Savvin Says  

 3.     Fewer than 75 Percent of People in Russian Federation are Ethnic Russians, ‘Sovetskaya Rossiya’ Reports  

 4.     Costs of Repair, Modernization and Manning Force Moscow to Scrap Largest Nuclear-Powered Naval Ships

 5.     Debate about Civic versus Ethnic Nationhood Intensifies in Kazakhstan

 6.     Kremlin’s Ideology Far More Coherent than Many Assume, Suslov Says

 7.     Middle-Aged Russians Fear Their Children are Being Corrupted by the Internet and Their Parents by Television  

 8.     When Non-Russians Speak Their Own Languages, They Back Ukraine; but When They Speak Russian, They Support Putin’s War, Komi Activist Says

9.     Russians Fear Crime has Risen Since War Began but Real Explosion will Occur when War Ends, Moscow Experts Say

 10.  Police Raids on Moscow Mosques Spark Protests by Muslims, North Caucasus Leaders and Human Rights Activists

 11.  Lustration May be Risky in Russia Immediately after Putin but Ensuring Russians Learn the Truth about Their Past is Essential, Nadporozhky Says

 12.  More than 25,000 Russians Sought Political Asylum in Europe or the US in 2022 But Fewer than Half Received That Status, Statistics Show  

 13.  Wagner PMC Soldiers Back from Ukraine Clash with National Guard in Tyva  

 14.  For Russians, Liberalism isn’t Antithetical to Imperialism in Part Because of Their Belief in the Universalistic Nature of Their Culture, Kalinin Says  

 15.  Kremlin May Have Its Reasons to Create Regional Units, But Federation Subjects who Form Them are Thinking Longer Term, Panyushkin Says  

 16.  Russians Successfully Completing Military Service are to Be Rewarded with a New Term in the Army, Russians Say 

17.  Russians Turning Away from Television and toward Telegram Channels for News, Creating Serious Problem for the Kremlin, Pertsev Says

 18.  Why Russian Countryside is Dying: Karelian Village Lacks Potable Water, Aspirin, Telephones or ATMs – And Won’t Be Getting Them  

 19.  Astana’s Latinization Plans Seen Behind Rise in Kazakhs Studying in Russian-Language Schools

 20.  Water-Short Kazakhstan Becoming Ever More Dependent on Flows from Neighboring Countries  

 21.  Putin Finds African Allies in His Campaign to Stay in Office Forever, Russians Say  

 22.  Belarusian Opposition Creates ‘Parallel State’ in Emigration

 23.  Pandemic, Ukrainian War Push Up Number of Slaves in Russia to ‘Almost Two Million,’ Walk Free Says

 24.  Moscow Building Its Own Colonial Empire in Africa under Anti-Colonial Slogans, Galko Says

 25.  Fertility Rate in Moscow Barely One-Third of Replacement Level, Zakotyansky Says

 26.  Non-Russians Must be Loyal Not Just to Russian State but to Russian Nation, Akopov Says

 27.  Prigozhin Mutiny Showed Putin Dictatorship Not Threatened by Coup or Protest, Turchenko Says

 28.  Offers of Free Land Not Attracting People to Russian Far East and are Unlikely to Do So Anywhere  

 29.  Banning Abortion will Please Russian Conservatives but Do Nothing to Help Country’s Demographic Problems

 30.  Destruction of Russia’s Linguistic Diversity Neither Natural nor Desirable, Ilinov Says

 31.  Have Ukrainians Taken Tver? Or is Russia Now Bombing Itself? Russians Ask

 32.  Japan, Ukraine, Zeleny Klin and the Future of Russian Statehood East of the Urals

 33.  Last Steps May Be the Hardest: Circassians on Brink of Achieving Independence

 34.  Putin Regime Becoming ‘Dictatorship of Fear’ but Retains Elements of ‘Dictatorship of Deception,’ New Book Says

 35.  United Russia Decides Putin’s War in Ukraine Not a Winning Formula for Upcoming Elections

 36.  Now that War in Ukraine has become an End in Itself, Putin Seeks to Destroy Russians’ Love of Life, Nemtsev Says  

 37.  Muscovites Today ‘New Historical Community’ on Model of Failed Effort to Form Soviet People, Basovskaya Says

38.  Once Putin Leaves, FSB Commands in Regions and Republics will Act as Communist Apparatuses Did in Union Republics in 1991, Khmelnitsky Says  

39.  Best Way for Russians Lost in Woods to Be Found is to Criticize Putin; Then, Russians Say, the Police will Immediately Show Up

40.  Increasing Censorship and Propaganda Highlight Putin Regime’s Weakness Not Its Strength, Nadporozhsky Says

41.  Popularity of Stalin Growing among Russian Youth Because of His Achievements and Promotion of Social Mobility, Fursov Says

 42.  More than Half of Those who have Set Fire to Draft Offices are Over 50 and Two-Thirds are Women, ‘Verstka’ Reports  

 43.  Continued Shrinking of Russia’s ‘Great Russian Core’ Highlighted in Latest Census Results  

 44.  Putin Animated by Soviet Past rather than by Russian National Interests, Khazanov-Pashkovsky Says  

 45.  Next Russian Revolution Likely to Begin on the Periphery Rather than in the Capitals, Gallyamov Says  

 46.  By More than Two to One, Petersburgers Oppose Closure of Finnish Consulate There  

 47.  Russia’s Criminal War in Ukraine Nonetheless Part of an Effort to Address Real Historical Challenges that Won’t Disappear when Putin Goes, Pastukhov Says

 48.  Estonia’s Narva ‘Ideal Place for Rebirth of Ingrian Traditions,’ Kuznetsova Says  

 49.  Half of Russians who Commit Crimes can Count on Avoiding Being Caught, Official Statistics Show

 50.  Moscow ‘Massively Recruiting’ Women Prisoners to Fight in Ukraine, ‘Russian Behind Bars’ Activist Says

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