Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / August 21, 2023   

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / August 21, 2023

1.     Russian Scholars Find a Godforsaken Settlement of Old Believers in Siberia who Still Believe in Elections and the Regular Rotation of People in Power  

 2.     Mordvinia’s Moksha Nation Issues Detailed Manifesto on the Path to Independence  

 3.     Russian Authorities to Block Commemorations of 1918 Izhevsk-Votkinsk Workers Revolt against Soviet Power

 4.     Russia Faces ‘Tajikification’ Unless Officials Stop Giving Citizenship to Tajiks, Mironov Says

 5.     Putin Claims Russians and Ukrainians One People But Russian Jailors Don’t Treat Them the Same, Torturing Ukrainians Far More Often than Russians, Report Says  

 6.     Putin’s War in Ukraine has Deeply Affected Mental State of Russians, Psychologists Say

 7.     Putin for the Time Being has Given Carte Blanche to Siloviki to Persecute Those They View as Opponents, Kolesnikov Says  

 8.     Ingrian Regionalists and Ingrian Nationalists have Very Different Agendas — but Both Threaten Moscow

 9.     Both Moscow and Tsinkhval have Reasons for Russia Not Annexing South Ossetia as Many had Expected Would Happen by Now, Two Russian Analysts Say  

 10.  Anthropologist Offers Seven Practical Steps for Russians who Want to Cease Being Imperialists  

 11.  Russians Now Avoid Putting Things Off for Tomorrow Because Even a Day Later Everything May be Too Expensive or Banned  

 12.  Russia’s Real Brain Drain Involves People Leaving Science rather than Scientists Leaving the Country, Analysts Say

 13.  Ukraine Must Seek Restoration Not of Its 1991 Borders but Those of 2003, Osavolyuk Says

 14.  Moscow Now Bringing Treason Charges So Often That It is ‘Almost Impossible’ for Any Russian to Avoid Them, ‘Holod’ Study Concludes

 15.  To Avoid Charges and to Keep Funding, Russian Doctors under Putin Frequently Lie about Causes of Patients’ Deaths, New Study Finds  

 16.  Siberian Battalion Commander in Ukraine Hopes for United States of Siberia  

 17.  Russian Births in 2023 Falling to Levels Comparable to Those at Start of 19th Century, Raksha Says  

 18.  State of Internet and Especially VPN in Russia ‘Already Worse than in China,’ Klimaryev Says

 19.  Smolensk Oblast Deputy Announces in Warsaw Formation of Smolensk Republic Center to Seek Independence for His Region

 20.  Khakassia Election Campaign Shows How Putin Regime Might Collapse, Pertsev Says  

 21.  Navalny Far from Only Russian Political Prisoner Moscow is Continuing to Tighten the Screws

 22.  Russians Leaving Company Towns at Three Times the Rate They’re Leaving Other Cities of Similar Size, New Study Finds  

 23.  Sakha Activists Meet in Secret to Plan Campaign for Independence of Their Republic  

 24.  Venetian Manifesto Seeks to Unite People Around the World who Favor the Defeat, Demilitarization and Decolonization of Russia

 25.  Anti-Semitism Spreading in Russia as Part of Attack on Everything Non-Russian

 26.  By Boosting Status of Veterans of Ukrainian War, Putin Provoking ‘Serious Split’ in Russian Society, Pertsev Says  

 27.  Could Jerusalem Patriarchate be Russian Orthodox Church’s Most Effective Defense in Ukraine?  

 28.  Muscovite Empire will Disintegrate in Four Different Ways Reflecting How It was Assembled, Grayevsky Says  

 29.  Kremlin Using Ethno-Nationalists Against Regionalists, Shtepa Says  

 30.  Russians Say Putin Should have Known to Build a Tunnel to Crimea, Not a Bridge

 31.  Kremlin’s Arrest of Kagarlitsky has Seriously Reduced Number of ‘Putinverstehers’ Abroad, Kudyukin Says

 32.  Ruble’s Fall Likely to Lead as Many as Half of Central Asian Immigrants in Russia to Go Home or Move to Other Countries, Experts Say  

 33.  Older Russians Reject Suggestion that USSR was an Empire and that a Post-Colonial Discourse is Needed, Makarov Says

 34.  Non-Russians, Not Moscow or Western Experts or Politicians, Will Determine Fate of Russian Statehood, just as in 1991, Tilishchak Says  

 35.  Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and Anti-Western Position Direct Products of the 1990s, Skobov Says  

 36.  For Putin, Corruption a Double-Edged Sword, Naporozhsky Says  

 37.  Ukrainians Really are Different than Russians: They Believe They can Defeat Putin, Some Russians Say

 38.  Mikhail Yershov, Russian who Spent Longer in the GULAG than Anyone Else, Recalled

 39.  Translating Bible into Languages of Numerically Small Peoples Can Help Save Them, Russian Scholars Say

 40.  One Third of Russians Arrested for Diversionary Actions on Railroads Under 18, Government Figures Show

 41.  A Coincidence or a Cause? Daghestani Infrastructure Collapses and Protests Begin a Few Days after Kyiv Publicist Talks about Using Drones against that Republic’s Facilities  

 42.  Putin Regime Relying More on Linguistic Analysis than Psychiatric Imprisonment because the Former is ‘Simpler and Cheaper,’ Independent Moscow Psychiatrist Says  

 43.  Tyva Most Dangerous Place to Live in Russian Federation, ‘To Be Precise’ Says  

 44.  Smolensk Separatist Declaration in Warsaw Creates Problems for KPRF at Home, Russian Analysts Say

 45.  Japanese Parliamentarian Brushes Off Moscow Protest about Tokyo Meeting in Support of Russia’s De-Colonization

 46.  Stylistically, Putin May Be Like Stalin but His Historical Role is Far More like Lenin’s, Dobrenko Says  

 47.  Kremlin Thinks It Must Keep Russia’s Population above 146 Million, But There is Another Option, Starovoytov Says  

 48.  Climate Change and Ukraine War May Combine to Lead to Revival of Siberian River Diversion Scheme, Some in Central Asia Believe  

 49.  Tajikistan Changes Names of Almost 5,000 Place Names, Dropping Soviet and Russian Names and Replacing Them with Tajik Ones  

 50.  Russians Say Generals and Officials Now Dying Unexpectedly May Return to Life in Argentina

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