Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia Sun 24 Sep 2023      

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia Sun 24 Sep 2023     

Note to List: My apologies for the delay in preparing and distributing the items on this list. My wife and I had our first vacation in five years and I did not prepare Windows during it. That was followed by a recurrence of a heart problem that I had thought was behind me. I hope to resume a more normal distribution schedule in the coming weeks. Paul Goble


1.     Putin Shouldn’t Linger in This Life, Russians Say; His Closest Friends are Waiting for Him in Hell

2.     ‘The Further One is from Moscow, the More Freedom One Feels,’ Russian Journalist Says

3.     Moscow Finally Reacts to New Chinese Maps but May have Made Its Own Position Worse  

4.     Moscow Still hasn’t Compensated for Ukrainian Resistance in Soviet Times to Developing Transportation Links between Russia and Crimea, Chichkin Says

5.     Moscow Should Copy Chinese Plan to Save Villages Especially in Border Regions, Kapustin Says  

6.     Moscow’s USA and Canada Institute Director Fired after Publishing Article Critical of Russia’s Foreign Policy  

7.     Since Ukraine Invasion Began, Russian Courts Letting Soldiers Guilty of Corruption and Theft Off Easy but Imposing Real Sentences on Those who Desert or Refuse to Obey Orders, New Study Finds  

8.     Better to Be a Live Foreign Agent than a Dead Hero of Russia, Some Russians Say  

9.     ‘Victory for Ukraine; Freedom for Russia’ — Four Russian Activists Call for a World without Putin and Putinism

10.  When Ukrainian Forces Reach Russian Borders, They Shouldn’t Stop but Rather Advance into Historically Ukrainian Regions Inside Russia, Khmara Says

11.  Moscow has Gained as Many People in Last Century as 12 Predominantly Ethnic Russian Regions in Central Part of the Country have Lost, Roshchin Says  

12.  Moscow Orders Russians to War but Protects Its Own Residents, Statistics Show  

13.  Russian Education Ministry Drafting Law Many Fear will Force Not Just Migrants but All Non-Russians Who Don’t Know Russian Well to Go to Special Schools

14.  A Putin Regimentation Effort Backfires: Republics Adding Ethnic Color to School Uniforms  

15.  Russian Veterans returning from Ukraine Form ‘Self-Defense Squads’ to Counter Crime among Central Asians Living around Moscow  

16.  Use of Quotation Marks in Putin’s Russia to Denigrate Opponents a Potentially Dangerous Recrudescence of ‘Ritualized Bullying’ from the Soviet Past, Kukulin Says  

17.  Ideological Divide in Russia Remains what It was Thirty Years Ago, Pastukhov Says  

18.  Russian State Must be De-Sacralized to Avoid ‘an Endless Vicious Cycle of Recurrent Despotism,’ Kolesnikov Says

19.  Conspiracy Thinking a ‘Weapon of the Weak’ which Becomes Dangerous when Elites as in Russia Use It to Control the Population, Yablokov Says

20.  Siberians, Having Ethnically Mixed Backgrounds, Support Those Non-Russian Nations that Want Independence, Vintsevskaya Says

21.  Non-Russian Anti-War Movement Abroad Expands into Center for Support of National Languages and Cultures  

22.  Church Bells Can Stop Ukrainian Drones – and If They Don’t, Russians can Do So by Pretending to be Dead Bugs, Some Believe  

23.  Ingush Seven Case Opened Way for Russia’s Return to Totalitarianism,’ Orlov Says  

24.  Moscow’s Claims about Russian Orthodox Church in Africa Fraudulent, Furman Says

25.  Kremlin Using ‘Cultural Sovereignty’ to Unify Russians at Home and Justify Moscow’s Aggression Abroad, Simakova Says

26.  By End of 2023, 45 Percent of Russia’s Federal Budget will Go to Military, Putting Pressure on Ruble and Civilian Economy, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Analysts Say  

27.  ‘Moscow isn’t Russia’ –One City Resident Chose to Move into Russia rather than Go into Exile Abroad  

28.  Chinese Becoming Most Numerous Ethnic Group in Many Parts of Russian Far East, Nemets Says  

29.  De-Imperializing Russia will Take Not Years but Decades, Ukrainian Parliamentarian Says  

30.  Numerically Small Peoples of Russia Unlikely to Gain Independence but Can Achieve Self-Determination, Two of Their Leaders Say  

31.  Kremlin Now Suggests Slowness of Ukraine’s Advance Real Measure of Russia’s Victory, Some Muscovites Say

32.  Ethnographic Museum Exhibit Encouraging Russians to Think about Their Membership in Local Sub-Groups of Russian Nation

33.  Uptick in Birthrate Seven Years Ago and Continuing Influx of Immigrants Overwhelming Russian Schools  

34.  Protests about Local Problems Spreading in Russia But Seldom Attract Much Attention, Nezygar Telegram Channel Says

35.  Ousted USA and Canada Institute Head Refuses to Back Down from His Condemnation of Kremlin Illusions about the World

36.  Medinsky History Textbook Codification of National Bolshevist Neo-Sovietism, Savvin Says  

37.  After a Russian in a Mental Hospital Says He’s Glad He’s There after Seeing What’s on TV, His Guards Say It is Clear that He’s Already Recovered, Some Russians Say

38.  ‘Nezavisimaya’ Editor Defends Publishing Garbuzov as ‘Norm in Modern Society’  

39.  Lukashenka’s Harsh Policies on Belarusian Emigres Giving New Impetus to Effort to Revive League of Nations-Style Nansen Passports  

40.  Russian Opposition and Regionalists Must Start Talking to One Another, Garayev Says  

41.  Russia Risks Becoming Leading Transshipment Route for Chinese-Controlled Heroin to the West  

42.  Putin Promises New Weapons Based on New Physical Principles Now that Moscow is Running Out of Both  

43.  One in Every Three Residents of Russian Far East Wants to Leave Regardless of Age  

44.  In US, Orthodox Christianity Making Inroads among Southern Evangelicals  

45.  Sergey Saved Not Only the ROC but Also the USSR, Patriarch Kirill Says  

46.  Patriarch Kirill Says Peter the Great Built St. Petersburg Not as Window on Europe but as Bastion Against Pernicious Influence of the West  

47.  Regional and National Liberation Movements in Russian Federation Denounce Recent Russian Vote as Fraudulent  

48.  Amulets which Saved Baron Ungern from Death in Battle Now Popular Among Russian Troops in Ukraine

49.  Kaliningrad on Its Way to Becoming ‘Fourth Baltic Republic,’ Polish Military Analyst Says

50.  By 2050, Climate Change will Depress Central Asian Economies by 1.3 Percent a Year and Lead to Five Million ‘Climate Migrants’ There, Kazakhstan President Says


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