Adel Bashqawi releases ‘Circassia and Ukraine: Two Nations Even Russian Genocide Can’t Destroy’

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October 5, 2023

Discover the resilience of Circassia and Ukraine in this nonfiction analysis shedding light on lesser-known histories

Adel Bashqawi releases ‘Circassia and Ukraine: Two Nations Even Russian Genocide Can’t Destroy’

MASSAPEQUA, N.Y. – Adel Bashqawi is a prominent advocate within the Circassian diaspora, both in Jordan and the broader global Circassian community. His personal narrative is deeply rooted in the history of his great-grandfather, who faced exile from Circassia during the Russian conquest of the North Caucasus in the mid-19th century.  In his thought-provoking work, ” Circassia and Ukraine: Two Nations Even Russian Genocide Can’t Destroy” (published by Xlibris),” Bashqawi offers a unique perspective on a subject that deserves greater attention and remains relatively unknown to a wider audience. He delves into the historical and contemporary parallels between two nations: the Circassians and Ukrainians. These two group of people shares a tragic history marked by intense repression and ethnic cleansing within the context of Russia’s colonialist policies. Simultaneously, both nations display remarkable strength and resilience in their unwavering pursuit of self-determination, independence, and the preservation of their ethnic identities and cultural heritage.

This book serves as a poignant reminder of the numerous peoples and nations who are steadfast in their quest to reclaim their rightful, confiscated rights. It is organized into distinct time periods, each of which is delineated in its respective chapter. These periods are titled as follows: “The Earth-Shattering Soviet Fall,” “The Circassians Leading up to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games of February 2014,” “The Russian Occupation and Annexation of Crimea in 2014,” “Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and Beyond in February 2022,” and “Key Facts.” Within these chapters, the book explores a multitude of articles, studies, significant events, and commemorations that transpired during these specified timeframes.

This book comprehensively addresses important topics and the commemoration of notable occasions, focusing on three primary periods when these events significantly impacted the public discourse and brought to light undeniable truths that could no longer be concealed. Its central focus lies in the examination of Russia’s actions concerning Ukraine since 2014, elucidating the shared consequences of crimes committed at different junctures in history. These transgressions all share a common root in the colonial mentality that continues to inspire them. For the afflicted peoples and nations, this book signifies the acknowledgment that they have reached the tip of the iceberg, holding onto the hope for an eventual end to their suffering, anguish, and oppression.

“What happened in the past and is developing nowadays necessitated the documentation, showing the exposing facts and events, which will set the record straight. Where actions speak louder than words, this confirms an undeniable reality. With peoples deprived of their rights, the Russian State did not care so far for mending fences and reconciling for peace and fairness. That confirms an undeniable fact, which is that the Russian State has not cared so far to carry out the duty entrusted to it in order to correct what the successive Russian regimes have committed against the Circassian nation and other victims of wars, occupation, genocide, deportation, and forced annexation,” Bashqawi says. When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, he answered, “Russia has never shown interest in resolving the different issues of the Circassian question. It has always shown a stubborn and intractable attitude. The world was and is absent at the international level. Russia has not shown goodwill in restoring legitimate rights and returning the Circassian diaspora to live with their compatriots in their precious homeland. That must be solved through serious and concerted efforts.”

“Circassia and Ukraine: Two Nations Even Russian Genocide Can’t Destroy”

By Adel Bashqawi

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 638 pages | ISBN 9798369405697

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 638 pages | ISBN 9798369405680

E-Book | 638 pages | ISBN 9798369405673

Available at Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes & Noble , Google and others

About the Author

Adel Bashqawi is the author of “The Circassian Miracle: The Nation Neither Tsars, Nor Commissars, Nor Russia Could Stop and Circassia: Born to Be Free.” He is a Circassian who has been active in human rights issues and dealing with the Circassian question in multiple areas. He has been committed to writing articles, translating documents, sharing and distributing information, giving lectures, and participating in conferences, among other efforts. He was born in Amman, Jordan, where his great-grandfather had immigrated because of the Circassian genocide. He studied in Jordan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He worked as a civil pilot for 39 years until retirement.

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