Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia Sat October 7, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia Sat October 7, 2023

1.     By Inviting Putin to Visit North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has Given the Kremlin Leader the Chance to Go to a World Capital other than The Hague, Some Russians Say  

 2.     Those who Want Positive Change in Russia Can’t Count on a Ukrainian Victory to Deliver It, Inozemtsev Says  

 3.     Moscow Pulls Out of Barents Cooperation Council, Blames Nordics for Its Decision  

 4.     Recent Elections Showed Pro-Putin Majority Far from Monolithic, Belokonyev Says

 5.     Committee for Ingushetia Independence Identifies Émigré Activist Ansar Garkkho as Its Leader  

 6.     Putin Regime Reactionary, Not Conservative, at Home and Abroad, Klyszcz Says  

 7.     Demand for Religious and Esoteric Literature in Russia Up by 50 Percent or More since Start of Putin’s War in Ukraine  

 8.     Russians Don’t Need Toilet Paper: They have the Constitution for Sanitary Needs, Russians Say

 9.     Baku Plans to Return 30,000 Azerbaijani Families to Karabakh Over Next Three Years  

10.  Mufti Albir Krganov – Putin’s Favorite among Muslim Leaders of Russia  

 11.  Global Warming Threatens Russian Pipelines and Railways and Survival of Numerically Small Peoples of the North

 12.  Non-Russian Groups Begin to Cooperate on a Bilateral Basis, Complicating Moscow’s Life

 13. Moscow Dropping Pretense It will Defend National Minorities

 14.  Anti-Immigrant Attitudes among Russians Intensifying as the War in Ukraine Goes On, ‘Novyye Izvestiya’ Says

 15.  Russian ‘Peacekeepers’ in Karabakh Arrested for Shouting ‘No to War,’ Some Russians Say  

 16.  Ukrainian War May End Life of Saami in Russia Directly through Combat Losses and Indirectly via Expansion of Rare Earth Mining on Their Territory  

 17.  Monuments to Poles and Finns Torn Down Across Russian Federation  

 18.  Kremlin Creating ‘Explosive Mixture’ by Making Massive Payments to Soldiers and Convincing Russians They’re Engaged in Something Great, Chernyshov Says  

19.  With Invasion of Ukraine, Putin has Triggered a Fourth Wave of Archaization in Russia, Something that Country Won’t Escape Quickly, Kulbaka Says  

20.  Putin’s New History Textbook Sparks Outrage among Non-Russians, Deepening Divide between Them and Ethnic Russians  

 21.  Quick Acceptance of Azerbaijan’s Restoration of Control over Karabakh ‘Inevitably Raises Questions about Other Unrecognized Republics,’ Analysts Say

 22.  Moscow Calls On All Parties in Karabakh Conflict to Ensure Safety of Russian ‘Peacekeepers’  

 23.  Siberian Battalion Seeks Victory for Ukraine and an End to Moscow’s Dominance of Regions and Republics  

 24.  Muslim Migrant Workers in Russia Radicalizing, Posing Challenges for Russia and Their Homelands, New Poll Suggests  

 25.  Putin’s Visit to Novocherkassk in 1991 Confirmed His Belief that Moscow Must Control What Russians Know about the Past

 26.  At Least 20 Russian State Agencies have Stopped Publishing Data Showing Losses in Ukraine War, ‘To Be Precise’ Says

 27.  Radical Increase in Share of Kazakhs in Higher Educational Institutions in 1960s and 1970s Helps Explain December 1986 Clashes  

 28.  Putin has Promised to Back Construction of Another Mosque in Moscow, Kadyrov Says

 29.  Many Russians Expect the End of the World to Bring Changes for the Better, Other Russians Say  

 30.  Dushanbe has Successfully Driven Political Islam Underground But Not Defeated It, Khadyrov Says

 31.  Kazan Drops Plans to Promote Tatarstan Identity and will Push All-Russian Identity Instead

 32.  Moscow Cuts Spending on Promotion of Arctic Cooperation by More than 95 Percent  

 33.  Zengezur May Become Danzig Corridor of 21st Century, Prokhvatilov Says

 34.  Even if Russia Disintegrates Quickly, Remaining Remnant Won’t Cease to be Imperialist for Decades, Tüür Says  

 35.  Bashkir Activist Ready to Give Up Territory Now within His Republic to Gain Land Bridge to Kazakhstan and Boost Prospects for Independence  

 36.  Ingermanlanders Want Their Nation to Survive and Feel They have to Escape Russia to Do So But Fear Pressing for Independence Lest that Spark More Repressions, Parkkinen Says  

 37.  Rapidly Accumulating ‘Dark Energy’ in the Russian Population Forces Everyone to Take Apocalyptic Predictions Seriously, Pastukhov Says

38.  ‘Foreign Agent’ Label Russian Equivalent of ‘Banned in Boston’ for Writers – a Guarantee of Success  

 39.  A Critically Important Source on Russian Society – the Higher School of Economics’ Longitudinal Monitoring Study of Social Change

 40.  Low Quality of Life, Not Lack of Economic Growth, Triggering Population Flight from Siberia and Russian Far East  

 41.  After North Caucasian Protests, Kremlin Appears to Have Backed Down on History Textbooks  

 42.  Feelings of ‘Premature Aging’ Widespread among Russians in Recent Decades, New Study Finds

 43.  More than Half of All Russians Not Prepared to Work Harder Even if Paid More, Survey Shows  

 44.  It’s No Problem to Feed a Cow Hay or a Russian with Tales about Enemies and His Country’s Greatness, Some Russians Say

 45.  1.5 Million Russians Now have Citizenship in Foreign Countries, Nearly Double the Figure in 2015

 46.  Number of Invalids among Russian Men Under 30 Rose by 17,000 during 2022, An Indirect Indication of Losses in Ukraine War

 47.  Prisoner Exchanges between Russia and Ukraine Decline Significantly Since March, Another Sign of Moscow’s Toughening Position  

 48.  Magnitsky Case Triggered Putin’s Turn from the West toward China, Pastukhov Says  

 49.  Since 2014, Number of Political Prisoners in Russia has Risen 1500 Percent, Davidis Says  

 50.  Moscow Urged to Expand Ties with Micro-States of Oceana

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