Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia November 20, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia November 20, 2023

1.  ‘The Good News is that Putin will Die Some Day; The Bad is that We Won’t Live in that Wonderful Time,’ Some Russians Say   

2.     Putin’s War in Ukraine Leading to Massive Shortages in Russia of Critically Needed Medicines   

3.     Moscow’s Decision to Reduce Support for Invalids Needing Prosthetics and Wheelchairs Sparks Outrage among Their Families and Supporters

4.     Moscow May Tax Alcohol for Medical Purposes Because So Much of It is Being Diverted to Produce Untaxed Liquor and Costing Government Revenues

5.     Disintegration of Muscovite State Will Lead to Renaissance of Russian Culture, Shtepa Says

6.     Loss of Siberia and Far East to China Threatens Russian Civilization Far More than Loss of Ukraine to the West Does, Pastukhov Says   

7.     Five Steps Moscow Should Take to Restore Russian Civilization’s Prospects, Pastukhov Says

8.     Relatively Light Punishments for Participants in Prigozhin Rising and Makhachkala Outrage May Lead Others to Engage in Unwelcome Actions , Russian Nationalist Says

9.     20,000th Window on Eurasia in New Series   

10.  Russian Popular Attitudes Not a Constraint on Putin as Far as His War in Ukraine Goes, Shulga Says

11.  Russian Party of 1960s and 1970s Major Source of Kremlin’s Current Ideology, Kolesnikov Says   

12.  Kazakhstan President’s Use of Chinese in Beijing but Kazakh for Visiting Russian Delegation Shows Moscow-Astana Ties aren’t as Close as Putin Claims

13.  The Ingria Precedent: Why It will Determine Fate of So Many

14.  Degradation of Land Pushing Rural Tajiks to Seek Work Abroad, UN Experts Say

15.  Russians Not Interested in Curing Themselves but Only in Killing Others, Some Russians Say

16.  Chechnya’s ‘Unique Authority’ Rests Not Just on the Deal the Kremlin Made with Grozny but on Four Other Pillars, Gorevoy Says

17.  To Boost the Russian Birthrate, Kremlin Plans to Replace Foreign Condoms with Ineffective Domestic Ones, Some Russians Say

18.  Despite Russian Laws, Many Property Owners There Refuse to Rent of Sell to Muslims or Jews, Realtors Admit and ‘Holod’ Investigation Confirms

19.  Soviet Films Played Key Role in Defining Uniqueness of Siberians for Them and for Russians Generally, Chernyshov Says

20.  Ethnic Uzbeks Leaving Turkmenistan for Uzbekistan Despite Ashgabat’s Efforts to Stop Them   

21.  Kremlin’s Constant Shifts in Direction on Demographic Issues Exacerbating Russia’s Birthrate Problem, Raksha Says   

22.  Russia’s Disintegration Unlikely but Descent into Chaos and Civil War Isn’t, Andrey Yakovlev Says

23.  Moscow Appears Again to Be Using Migrants to Try to Destabilize Finland

24.  Russian Efforts to Consolidate Dying Villages Facing Resistance – and Officials Respond by Cutting Off Services and Destroying Housing

25.  Daghestani Officials Order Population Not to Talk about Makhachkala Outrage

26.  Russian Budget Cuts for Healthcare ‘a National Catastrophe,’ Experts Say

27.  Moscow’s Military Spending Boosts Russian GDP but Reduces Incomes of Population and Prospects for Growth

28.  Moscow Seeks to Shut Down Burgeoning ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ from Ukraine Movement

29.  US Attacking Orthodoxy Because It is the Foundation of the Russian State, New Moscow Book Says

30.  Muslims, Not Russian State, Source of Present-Day MSD System, Tatarstan Mufti Says

31.  Former Soviet Republics that Want to Send Immigrants to Russia Must Make Russian One of Their State Languages, Duma Vice Speaker Says

32.  Real Politics Exists in Some Russian Regions but in Far from All, Verkhoturov Says

33.  Had Siberia become Independent in 1918, No Soviet Union would have Arisen, Mikhaylov Says

34.  ‘Duma Deputies and Even Ministers’ Know Russia is Dying but Can’t Address Real Causes and So Come Up with Absurd Proposals, Chernyshov Says

35.  For First Time Ever, More Russians Back Talks with Ukraine Rather than Continuing War to a Victorious Conclusion, Independent Pollster Says

36.  Could an Arax Corridor Put an End to the Zengezur Corridor Controversy? Despite the Odds, Some Now Think So

37.  Moscow Used to Blame Inflation on Declining Exchange Rate of Ruble; Now It Blames It on Rising Rate

38.  Massive Corruption Compounding Problems of Delivering Goods and Services to Russian North

39.  Iranian Journal Says Plans for Corridor from Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan via Iran ‘a Strategic Breakthrough’

40.  Tactically, Putin Might be Winning but Strategically His Plans are Doomed, Stanovaya Says

41.  Ethnic Violence Could Break Out in Russian Villages when Ukrainian War Ends, Proshakov Says

42.  To Address Russia’s Demographic Crisis, One Duma Deputy wants to Cancel Sentences of All Female Prisoners who Giving Birth or Getting Pregnant During Home Leave

43.  Duma Deputies Seek to Loosen Russian Gun Laws for Veterans Returning from Ukraine Fighting   

44.  Moscow Said Planning to Ban Phrase ‘Making Ends Meet’ as LGBT Propaganda

45.  New Russian Novel Details How Effort to Prolong Putin’s Life to 120 Led to a Zombie Apocalypse in Moscow

46.  Russians as Ready to Attack NATO Member Latvia as Non-NATO Member Georgia, Study Finds

47.  Turkish Troops will Remain at Agdam Monitoring Site as Long as Russian ‘Peacekeepers’ are in Karabakh, Baku Analysts Say

48.  Starovoitova’s Principled Commitment to Democracy Recalled on 25th Anniversary of Her as Yet Unsolved Murder

49.  Alternative History Helping Russians to Cope with Soviet Union’s Collapse and to Talk about Russia’s Future, Abramov Says

50.  Two Important Moscow Admissions: Western Sanctions Hurt and Ukrainians Now Hate Russians

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