Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / Dec 14, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / Dec 14, 2023

1.     Putin Threatening the Economy that has Allowed Him to Fight in Ukraine, Inozemtsev Says

2.     Moscow Patriarchate Seeking to Provide ‘Moral and Spiritual Legitimacy’ to Putin’s War Effort, Staalesen Says

3.     Widespread Political Anomie Not Mass Support for Conservative Values ‘Main Problem’ for Russia Now and in the Future, Zharkov Says

4.     Ever More Russians Complaining to Putin about Impact of War in Ukraine, ‘Important Stories’ Portal Says

5.     Surkov Predicts End of ‘Ukrainian Fake State’ in 2024

6.     Six Corridors within Russian Federation May have Consequences as Large as Three Elsewhere in Former Soviet Space

7.     Non-Russians Opposed to Putin’s War in Ukraine See Use of Their Native Languages as Form of Anti-War Protest

8.     ‘Without Russians as an Ethnos, Without the Russian People, There is Not and Cannot be a Russian World or Russia Itself,’ Putin Says

9.     Kremlin Tries but Fails to Hide that Most Popular Boy’s Name for Newborns in Moscow Suburb has Become Mohammed

10.  Must Tatars who Once Asked whether They were Tatars or Bulgars Now Ask Whether they are Russians and Not Tatars? Kazan Commentator Asks

11.  Putin’s Repressions Radicalizing Predominantly Ethnic Russian Regions and Leading Some in Them to Think about Pursuing Independence, Shtepa Says

12.  Russians Increasingly Connecting the Dots and Oppose Putin’s War Because of Its Impact on Their Lives, Independent Sociologist Says

13.  ‘Majority of Those Who have Left Putin’s Russia Because of War Won’t Return,’ Zavadskaya Says

14.  Russians Now Account for Half of All HIV/AIDS Cases in Europe

15.  Russia’s Reds and Whites Face Off after KPRF Succeeds in Having Wrangel Statue Removed in Rostov

16.  Tishkov Says He’s Both Kinds of Russian – Ethnic (‘Russky’) and Civil (‘Rossiyanin’)

17.  Moscow Doesn’t Have a Real and Consistent ‘Demographic’ Policy, Chernyshov Says

18.  Today’s National Bolshevism More At Odds with Russian Interests than Yesterday’s International Version, Pastukhov Says

19.  Russian Democrats Abroad Make Significant Concession to Non-Russian Republics but Not Yet to Predominantly Russian Regions

20.  Identities can Change Overnight When They Cease to Be Compulsory and Become Voluntary, Chernyakhovsky Says

21.  Charges Filed Against Russians for Calling Putin a Fascist, a Psychopath, a Fuehrer, and a Coward

22.  On the Home Front, Putin ‘has No Fewer Problems than Ukraine Does,’ Koch Says

23.  No One Should Be Deceived by Putin’s False Claims about ‘Russophobia,’ Aysin Says 

24.  Moscow’s Failure to Keep Its Earlier Promises on Federalism Means Few Ready to Rely on Any Promises It Makes Now 

25.  Central Asians, Recognizing Water-Sharing Arrangements Alone aren’t Enough, Working to Reduce Water Losses Close to Home 

26.  Dumpster Diving Spreads to Higher Income Groups in Moscow 

27.  Many Russians Still Believe Mythical ‘Dulles Plan’ Exists and Guides Western Policy on Russia 

28.  St. Petersburg has Long History as ‘Cradle of Regionalism,’ Shtepa Says

29.  When Moscow Runs Out of Carrots, Duma Suggests It Can Use that Term for Pauses Between Sticks, Russians Say

30.  ‘Final Collapse of USSR’ Taking Place Now, Kucher Says

31.  Few Young Russians Share Putin’s Main Goals or are Ready to Make Sacrifices to Achieve Them, New Study Finds

32.  Buryats who Fled to Mongolia to Avoid Mobilization Increasingly Want Independence or Union with Mongolia

33.  Kremlin’s Turn to China May Spark Violent Protests by the Russian People Once They See the Consequences, Pastukhov Says

34.  Ukrainian War and Western Sanctions Putting a Crimp in Putin’s Expansive Arctic Plans

35.  It’s Very Russian to Complain to Putin about Putin Policies But Then There’s No Higher Authority, Russians Say

36.  As Moscow Becomes More Dependent on Beijing, China’s Economic Problems are Becoming Russia’s, ‘Important Stories’ Says

37.  Russia Doesn’t Want or Need All of Ukraine, Only Enough to Deny Kyiv an Outlet to the Sea, Telegram Channel Says

38.  Putin’s Use of the Term ‘Russians’ a Revival of Tsarist Approach to Identity, Sidorov Says

39.  As Ukraine War Grinds On, Ever More Russian Soldiers are Deserting

40.  ‘Religious Decolonization’ has Already Taken Place in Daghestan, Kaliszewska Says

41.  Russia can Increase Military Production Only at Risk of Inflation, Consumer Goods Shortages or Loss of a Free Labor Market, Shelin Says

42.  Russian Military Sending Those Disabled in Battle in Ukraine Back into Front Lines, Relatives Say

43.  Moscow Must Extend SMERSH System from Occupied Portions of Ukraine to All of Russian Federation to Counter Diversionist Threat, Deputy Says

44.  Putin Saying Russia is No Longer a Gas Station Masquerading as a Country means It is Running Out of Gas, Russians Say

45.  Russia Must Divert Siberian River Water to Central Asia or Face a Crisis on Its Borders, Uzbek Scholar Says

46.  Iran Launches New Flagship for Its Caspian Navy

47.  Some Orthodox in Kazakhstan Seek Independence from Moscow Patriarchate

48.  Russian Jailors Now Threatening Prisoners with Longer Sentences if They Don’t ‘Volunteer’ to Fight in Ukraine

49.  North Caucasus Republics Falsify Statistics More than Other Regions of Russia Typically to Get More Aid from Moscow, Russian Experts Say

50.  Muslims Plan to Erect Fifth Major Mosque in Moscow Next Year

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