Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / January 13, 2024

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / January 13, 2024

… And on the 8th Day, God Created Russia as a Separate Civilization, One Filled with Unique Spirituality and whose Temporary Problems are Invariably Permanent

2.     At Emotional Level, Russians Support War Out of Fear Ukrainians Could Live Better than They Do, Gallyamov Says

3.     More than 100 Chess Masters in 2023 Gave Up Russian Citizenship   

4.     Putin Promoting Collectivist Attitudes to Make Russians Easier to Govern and Less Likely to Change after He Leaves the Scene, Pertsev Says

5.     Moscow Mufti’s Nomination to Be Russian President Sign of Growing Influence of Islamic Organizations in Russia, Biryukov Says

6.     Russians who Want Peace Say They Support Putin because Only He is Strong Enough to Achieve It, Zhuravlyev Says

7.     Russian Opposition Gelding Itself by Accepting Four Putin Myths as True, Rogov Says

8.     Russian Orthodox Christians Baptized by Foreign Agents Won’t Inherit the Kingdom of God, Church Says   

9.     New Russian Émigré Media ‘Unique Asset for Global Community,’ JX Foundation Study Says

10.  Russian Aviation Accidents Skyrocketed after Sanctions were Imposed, Prompting Moscow to Stop Reporting Them, Experts Say

11.  Five Saxo Bank-Type ‘Shocking Predictions’ for Russia in 2024

12.  Putin’s War in Ukraine ‘Final Confirmation’ His Regime is an Ideological One, Suslov Says

13.  Russia Liberals’ Talk about West’s Degradation Rooted in Hope West would Ensure Ukrainian Victory and Bring Them to Power in Moscow, Pastukhov Says 

14.  Kremlin’s War Goals have Changed from Seizing All of Ukraine in 2022 to Occupying a Third of It Now and Perhaps to Defending Moscow in the Future, Some Russians Conclude

15.  For Russia to Be Sovereign, Moscow Must Restore Soviet Banking System, Katasonov Says

16.  Heating Shortages in Moscow Greater in New Housing than in Old Because Heating Networks haven’t Been Expanded, ‘Novyye Izvestiya’ Says

17.  Half of All Schools in Daghestan Need Major Repairs and Even a Greater Share Still Don’t Have Indoor Plumbing, Makhachkala Admits

18.  Tamizdat Playing an Increasingly Important Role in Russian Culture, Sorin Brut Says

19.  In 2021, 25,000 Russian Children were Born to Women between 12 and 18, Rosstat Reports

20.  Russian Librarians Cleverly and Successfully Resisting Moscow’s Pressure to Promote Putin and his War in Ukraine and to Restrict Access to Books Kremlin Doesn’t Like

21.  Russian Guard Raids on Muslim Facilities Undermining Patriotism of Believers, Mufti Warns

22.  Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan May End Border Dispute by Agreeing to Joint Use of Infrastructure on Two Sides of the Border   

23.  Kirill’s Russian Orthodox Church Now ‘a Death Cult’ in Service of the Kremlin, Soldatov Says

24.  Online Petition Calls for Allowing Russians to Give Up Russian Citizenship without Approval of Russian State

25.  Russia’s Regions and Republics Now Creating Special Staffs to ‘Combat Separatism’

26.  Measured by GDP Per Capita, Russia Falls Behind Not Just Baltic Countries but Two Other Former Soviet Republics

27.  Kremlin Relies on Five ‘Shock Absorbers’ to Prevent Problems from Growing into Protests, Mikhaylichenko Says

28.  Even if West were to End All Sanctions, Russia Would Not Turn Back to It, Titov Says

29.  Putin is Practicing in Russia How to Freeze Rest of Europe, Russians Say 

30.  In Almost Half of Russia’s Federal Subjects, Teachers Salaries Below Minimum Wage

31.  Kirill’s Support for Putin’s War has Harmed Russian Orthodox Church More than Collapse of the Soviet Union Did, Mitrokhin Says

32.  Rosstat’s Projections on Future Size of Russian Population Based on Mistaken Notion that All Three Factors Affecting Growth will Move Together, Yefremov Says

33.  Moscow has Created ‘Ideal’ Atmosphere in which Some Groups Become ‘Ideal Scapegoats’ and Pogroms a Real Possibility, Lokshina Says

34.  As a Result of War in Ukraine, Russians Drinking More and Committing More Violent Acts at Home, Moscow Statistics Show

35.  To Pay for War, Putin Slashes Budget for Communal Services, leaving Thousands of Russians in the Cold and Dark — and Some without Food

36.  A Positive Sign for Russia? FSB Officers Now Willing to Take Bribes in Rubles and Not Just Dollars

37.  After RF Disintegrates, New Russian State Must Arise where Central Federal District is Now and without Moscow as Its Capital, Lazarenko Says

38.  Putin Creating Pre-Conditions for a Coup against Him by Setting Up So Many Different Military Forces Near the Throne, Portnikov Says

39.  Independent Circassian Group Resigns from Pro-Moscow Group, Delivering Major Blow to Kremlin Propaganda Effort   

40.  Collapse of Communal Services in Moscow Region Greater than Elsewhere Because Infrastructure There hasn’t Kept Pace with Its Rapid Population Growth

41.  Nearly Two-Thirds of Russians Now Back Censorship, Most Not to Combat Immorality as in the Past but to Prevent Panic and Maintain Order, VTsIOM Says

42.  Russia Lacks Both ‘a Serious Anti-War Movement’ and ‘a Serious Pro-War One’ while Ukraine has Both, Pastukhov Says

43.  Since February 2022, More than a Million Russians have Exited Domestic Labor Market, Exacerbating Labor Shortages in Poorer Areas, Zubarevich Says

44.  Russian Soldiers have No Reason to Hope for Rotation when Putin has been in the Same Office for 24 Years, Russians Joke Bitterly

45.  ‘Putin Can’t Win This War’ Because Corruption Underlying His System Won’t Allow Russia to Hold On, Pastukhov Says

46.  Russians So Divided by Putin’s War in Ukraine that Some Supporters and Opponents are Now Killing Each, Court Records Show

47.  Despite Current Autarchy Drive, Russia’s Most Likely Future ‘a Soviet Union with a Market Economy,’ Vyugin Says

48.  Putin has Blocked Rise of Anti-War Attitudes Less by Money and Repression than by Promoting Notions that Professionals are Doing the Fighting and that Life of Others Remains Normal, Levinson Says

49.  Moscow’s ‘Soft Power’ Very Different from That of Other Countries, Pakhalyuk Says

50.  ‘Cynical Consensus’ in Russia Makes Putin’s Fascism Especially Dangerous, Lipovetsky Says

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