Vladimir Putin Announces 1 Surprise ‘Regret’ Over Ukraine-Russia War

Vladimir Putin Announces 1 Surprise ‘Regret’ Over Ukraine-Russia War

No, the Russian president does not wish he hadn’t started the war in the first place.
Kate Nicholson
By: Kate Nicholson

Russian President Vladimir Putin CONTRIBUTOR VIA GETTY IMAGES

Vladimir Putin has revealed he has just one “regret” over the war in Ukraine which he initiated almost two years ago.

Speaking to a correspondent on Russian state TV, Pavel Zarubin, the president said he wished the conflict – which he has admitted himself is going on for far longer than he expected – had actually started sooner.

“The only thing we can regret is that we did not start our active actions earlier, believing that we were dealing with decent people,” he said, according to a translation on Associated Press, on Thursday, taking aim at Kyiv.

The war has actually left Russia quite isolated on the international stage, its resources have been drained, its forces depleted and its economy is struggling.

Research from the think tank RUSI also claimed Putin expected to take control of Ukraine in just 10 days when he started the war, expecting it to be quick rather than the two-year battle it is has become.

Putin then alleged that while Russia was – and still is – “concerned” about Ukraine “being dragged into Nato” because of the supposed threat it would pose to Moscow’s security, that was not the reason for the invasion.

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