Authored Books on Circassia

Authored Books on Circassia

Adel Bashqawi

March 8, 2024

— Three books are integrative within a framework of research and truth finding. I have published them at different intervals, directed to whom it may concern and to relay written and published information mentioned about different historical eras, particularly what is related to Russian colonial campaigns since ‘Ivan the Terrible’ until now.

— The intention of publishing the books is to remind those who forgot or neglected the concrete facts and tangible documented events. Without doubt, the premeditated crimes of genocide against Circassia, Ukraine and other peoples and nations clearly integrate and resemble each other.

— I spent several years preparing and writing these books, which were eventually published as: “Circassia: Born to Be Free,” in September 2017,“The Circassian Miracle: the Nation Neither Tsars, Nor Commissars, Nor Russia Could Stop,” in December 2019, and last but not least, “Circassia and Ukraine: Two Nations Even Russian Genocide Can’t Destroy,” in August 2023. The intention was to provide documented information, through which I wanted to inform readers about, or remind those who had forgotten about it.

— The crimes committed against the Circassian nation are addressed specifically in the first and second books. Rather crimes against multiple peoples and nations including Circassians are mentioned and exposed in the last book, which elaborated on the heroic Ukrainian people that with friends’ help has deterred the aggression and fiercely confronted the invading forces on multiple fronts. As you know, the aggressive war continues to this day.

The purpose of mentioning occupation, genocide, and forced displacement is not to be pulled back to the past, and cry over the ruins; but rather to move to the future to prove the nation’s legitimate rights. From there to steer-heading towards a promising future. The efforts of those interested in the diaspora and the homeland, yearn for the restoration of  the  infringed and usurped Circassian legitimate rights.

This should be in accordance with international laws and norms. Joint coordination and cooperation of efforts will help to achieve recognizing the legitimate rights of the Circassian nation that are not subject to statute of limitations. Regional and international countries and bodies have a duty and even a responsibility to help colonized peoples and nations to regain freedom, the right to self-determination and national independence.

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