Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / March 15, 2024  

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / March 15, 2024    

1.     Russian Firms Now Selling Toy Weapons so Youngsters will Learn about War, Russians Say, But Now Yet Toy Corpses

2.     Putin has Long Believed Ethnic Russians Must Assimilate Others or Put Their Own Nation at Risk of Decline or Death, Sidorov Says

3.     Azerbaijanis, Armenians Commemorate Two Horrific Tragedies of Their War

4.     Putin’s Future Threatened by His Most Loyal Followers, Gallyamov Says

5.     Russia’s Population Decline Not Sufficient to Stop Putin’s Aggression, Russian Demographer Speaking Anonymously Says

6.     Moscow Orders Russian Universities to Train Psychologists in Traditional Values

7.     KPRF Now has Special Staff for Organizing Protests

8.     On His Telegram Channel, Kadyrov Drops Putin’s Reference to Jews as Having fought for Russia

9.     Putin’s Extensive Imperialism Leading Russia into a Dead End, El Murid Says; Only an Intensive Nation State Approach Can Save It

10.  ‘Water Surplus’ Kyrgyzstan Increasingly No Longer Is

11.  Russian Liberal Opposition Moves Closer to the Views of Nationalists and Regionalists

12.  Ethnic Germans Step Up Efforts to Leave Russia Because of War in Ukraine But Find It Almost Impossible to Emigrate to Germany

13.  Putin has Been Quietly Appointing Deputy Heads in State Institutions to be Responsible for Promoting Patriotism

14.  As Interest in and Acts of Desertion from Russian Army in Ukraine Go Up, Military and FSB are Tightening Controls to Make Flight More Difficult

15.  Russia has Buried Its Hero because It Can’t Yet Bury Its Tyrant, Some Say

16.  Non-Russians Increasingly Uniting against Russian Imperialism

17.  Predominantly Ethnic Russian Regions Leading Country’s Demographic Collapse, Rosstat Says

18.  Having Offended Tatars in His Republic in the Past, Bashkortostan Head Now Seeking Their Support

19.  Not All Russian Judges Allowing Convicts to Avoid Serving Time in Order to Fight in Ukraine, ‘Verstka’ Investigation Finds

20.  Russia’s Tragedy is that It Became an Empire Before It Became a Nation, Making Retention of Territory Central to Its Identity, Inozemtsev Says

21.  Future Waves of Immigration to Russia Seen Coming from Africa and India

22.  Astrologers Advise Russians Not to Give in to Calm but Remain Panic-Stricken

23.  Chechen Issue in Daghestan Heats Up, Threatening New Conflict There and with Grozny

24.  Gagauz Leaders Ask Moscow for Support But Get Little Beyond Verbal Reassurances

25.  Moscow Set to Delay Micro-Census from 2026 to 2028 to Save Money for War and Possibly to Hide Embarrassing Ethnic Data

26.  Moscow Using Slave Labor from North Korea in the Russian Far East

27.  ‘A Cold Civil War’ Now Taking Place in Russia, Pastukhov Says

28.  Russians Spent More than 20 Billion US Dollars on Fortune Tellers Last Year But Moscow Not Ready to Rein in this Business Sector

29.  Far More Russians are Waiting to Attend Putin’s Funeral than Actually Went to Navalny’s

30.  Muscovites Back Putin and His War More Strongly than Do Those in the Rest of Russia, Gudkov Says

31.  Most Russians Still Say They are Free Because They Define Freedom as ‘Freedom From’ rather than ‘Freedom For,’ Gudkov Says

32.  By Claiming War was, ‘Inevitable’ and ‘Forced on Russia,’ Putin has Won Over Many who Originally Opposed It, Zhuravlyev Says

33.  Even Local Elections Can Lead to Rise of Officials Ready to Challenge Moscow, Experts Say

34.  Moscow Patriarchate Faces Mounting Problems in All Three Countries of South Caucasus

35.  Romanian Orthodox Church Getting More Involved in Ukraine, Creating Both Opportunities and Problems for Moscow

36.  Russia’s Cargo Cult Approach to the West in 1990s Behind Kremlin Paranoia Now, ‘To Be Continued’ Portal Says

37.  In Putin’s Russia, Language Alone Defines Nationality, Komi State Council Deputy Says

38.  Ingush Militants Seek ‘Escape from Russian Occupation,’ ILA Member Says

39.  Muslim Community in Lithuania has Grown from 3,000 a Few Years Ago  to More than 15,000 Now

40.  As at End of Soviet Times, Moscow Triggering Conflicts inside RF to Heighten Western Fears about Russia’s Disintegration, Fyodorov Says

41.  Laughter Brought Down the USSR and Now Threatens Putin, Moskovsky Says

42.  Tatars Stress Turkic and Muslim Background of Orenburg Residents Moscow Counts as Russians        

43.  Even Russians who Back the Kremlin Now Can Use the Internet Because Its Pro-Kremlin Sector is So Large, Makarkin Says

44.  Whoever Lives Well in Russia Now will Do Very Well in Hell, Some Russians Say

45.  Moscow and Makhachkala Risk Violence Regardless of Whether They Restore a Chechen District or Not

46.  Moscow to Recreate Nationalities Ministry Soon to Increase Attention to Ethnic Issues and Block Western Efforts to Exploit Them, Semigin Says

47.  Sparta-Style Militarization May Help Putin Stay in Power but It will Destroy Russia’s Future, Bobrik Says     

48.  That Former Soviet Republics were ‘Once Together’ Doesn’t Mean They Still Are or That Their Common Past is a Sufficient Basis Now for Policy, Rakeda Says     

49.  If Migrant Workers come to Russia from Asia and Africa, They will Bring Illnesses that Will Overwhelm Country’s Healthcare System, Moscow Experts Say

50.   West Mistakenly Thinks Russia in Terminal Decline While Moscow Elites Even More Wrongly Believe They can Restore Russia’s Superpower Status, Pastukhov Says

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