Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / May 29, 2024   

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / May 29, 2024     

1.  Russians have Never Changed Russia But Instead have Adapted Themselves to the State, Sergey Medvedev Says

2.     Putin Goes Far Beyond Stalin in Defending All Russian Actions against Non-Russians, Sidorov Says

3.     Moscow Kept Bandera’s Two Sisters in Siberian Exile for Almost 50 Years

4.     Moscow Won’t Break Diplomatic Ties with Baltic States Because Its Embassies Defend Russian Speakers There, Zakharova Says

5.     Once Popular Radio Armenia Jokes have All But Disappeared

6.     Russian Samizdat Today ‘isn’t Underground Literature as in Soviet Times but a Form of Contemporary Art,’ ‘Meduza’ Says

7.     Two Lessons of Soviet Collapse Russian Elites Must Learn to Avoid a Repetition, Delyagin Says

8.     Putin-Era Official Art Not ‘Socialist Realism 2.0,’ Cultural Specialists Say

9.     Is Baku Branch of ROC MP Positioning Itself to Seek Autocephaly?

10.  Russianization of Services in Tatar Mosques Sparking Sharp Debate

11.  Putin Refused to Take Advantage of What Elections Can Do for an Authoritarian Regime and will Suffer as a Result, Belyayeva Says

12.  Russia Destroying Itself by Trying to Maintain Its Former Empire, Eppl Says

13.  Russia and Belarus Seeking to Revive Sovietism but without Its Internationalism or Belief in Progress, Shamolin Says

14.  Russia Now Making a Transition Comparable in Scale to 1917 and 1991, Nikolsky Says

15.  Russians Buying Property in Finland and Other Western Countries Moscow Could Use for Invasion Just as It did in Ukraine Earlier, Helsinki Military Expert Warns

16.  National Churches on Both Sides of the Political Divides in Armenia and Georgia

17.  Moscow Benefits Because Real Division in the World is Not Between Russia and the West but between Conservatives and Globalists in Both Places, Belov Says

18.  Moscow Patriarchate Hoping to Make Its Own ‘Turn to the East’

19.  Governorships and the Power Vertical: More Complicated Career Paths

20.  Russian Attitudes toward Ukrainians, Central Asian Migrants, and Jews have Deteriorated over Last Two Years, Levada Center Says

21.  Entire History of Post-Soviet Russia a Contest between ‘Foxes’ and ‘Wolves,’ Eidman Says

22.  Moscow Should Draw on History of the Komintern to Overthrow Existing World Order, Naryshkin Says   

23.  Moscow-Beijing Alliance Directed Not Only Against the West but Against Russia East of the Urals, ‘Region.Expert’ Says

24.  Putin will Never Name a Successor, El Murid Says

25.  By Making Almost Everything a Question of Security, Putin has Opened the Way to Dictatorship and War, Kazantsev-Vaisman Says

26.  Murder Rate in Russia Highest in Europe and Far Higher than Moscow Admits or Reports, ‘To Be Precise’ Says

27.  Environmental Issues will Soon Take Center Stage in Armenian-Azerbaijani Border Dispute

28.  Some Russian Museums Not Changing Exhibits Lest They Be Forced to Carry Propaganda

29.  Moscow’s Deportation and Denigration of Crimean Tatars Continues, Sidorov Says

30.  Moscow No Longer Interested in Having Kaliningrad Serve as Russia’s Showcase for the West, Kolchin Says

31.  Making Putin’s Healthcare Optimization Worse, 20 Percent of Medical Facilities in Russian Regions Don’t Have Even One Doctor

32.  Under Guise of ‘Joint Development,’ Putin Sets the Stage for Transferring Russian Land to China, Alksnis Says

33.  Russian Supreme Court Opens the Way for ‘Ex Post Facto’ Convictions in Extremism Cases

34.  Putin’s Newspeak a Ritualized Language that Keeps Russians from Thinking, Arkhipova Says


35.  Moscow Set to Slash Number of Company Towns, Ending Subsidies to Places Now So Classified


36.  Among Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Favorite Books is Aksyonov’s ‘Island of Crimea’

37.  If Russia is to De-Imperialize, Predominantly Russian Regions Must Play a Decisive Role, Buryat Activist Says

38.  ‘Fearing to Repeat Gorbachev’s “Mistakes,” Putin Regime is Repeating Those of Nicholas II,’ Nikulin Says

39.  Sakha Portal Skeptical about New Cooperation Accord with China’s Jiangxi Province

40.  Putin’s Visit to Harbin Speaks Volumes about Growing Chinese Self-Confidence

41.  Composition of Russian Government Increasingly Resembles That of Soviet Predecessors with Two Major Exceptions, Mitrokhin Says


42.  Many Russian Media Outlets Set Up Abroad Since Start of Putin’s Expanded War in Ukraine May Close for Lack of Funds

43.  Number of Political Prisoners Forced to Undergo Psychiatric Treatment has Risen by Five Times Since Start of Putin’s Expanded War in Ukraine


44.  Call for Banning Niqāb Highlights Problems in Moscow’s Turn to the East and Stress on Traditional Values, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says

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45.  Turning Point in the South Caucasus: Border Guards Replace Military Units Along Newly Delimited Portion of Armenian-Azerbaijani Border

46.  A Real Turning Point in the South Caucasus: Border Guards Replace Military Units Along Newly Delimited Portion of Armenian-Azerbaijani Border

47.  Administrative Borders of Soviet Republics that have Become State Borders of Independent Countries Anything but Regular

48.  Caricatures – One Feature of Soviet Times Putin Doesn’t Want to Bring Back

49.  Number of Russians Needing Prosthetic Limbs has Grown Dramatically Since Start of Putin’s War in Ukraine, Official Russian Data Show


50.  West Using Governments in Exile to Undermine Russia and Its Allies, FSB Head Says

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