Russian Violations of Basic Rights and Freedoms

Russian Violations of Basic Rights and Freedoms

Adel Bashqawi

June 1, 2024

Open Caucasus Media

The aim is not merely to echo previously published accounts but to emphasize undeniable facts about atrocities committed by those who boast of their crimes. These acts are indelibly recorded in the annals of their dark history. There is no way to erase the memory of the victims, their descendants, and those who follow the impacts of their wars, invasions, and whims.

It is evident that subjugated peoples and nations were thrust into the furnace of what is misleadingly called the Russian Federation, often without prior warning or consent from so-called partners. Entire nations have been subjected to siege, invasion, occupation, starvation, oppression, extermination, trauma, and deportation.

Authoritarian rule at the top of Moscow’s leadership pyramid has proven that actions speak louder than words. This racist government sought followers and underdogs, not valued partners, in both essence and scope. They follow unreliable, incomprehensible, and dysfunctional plans devoid of human ethics. They commit catastrophic errors with no moral deterrent, humiliating oppressed peoples and nations who appear hapless and ineffective, cast into oblivion.

Regional and local rulers and their entourages, chosen according to a colonial classification, are subjugated and domesticated to act as representatives and executors of direct central rule. State policy employs threats, enticement, and intimidation, while the traditional code of ethics is neglected. The image of the colonialists and imperialists reflects ugly deeds that have persisted through various successive ruling regimes since the notorious Russian Empire.

The colonial state assumes the ignorance and naivety of citizens, whether in the motherland or in the diaspora. However, the majority, although silent, are acutely aware of the schemes plotted against them, their homeland, their present, and their future. They know very well that they are subjected to deception, politics, machinations, and tricks.

New players in Circassian activism emerge periodically, often aligned with the plans of the colonizers and those who benefit from the complex Circassian situation. Certain opportunistic parties and individuals tend to steer the movement towards unrealistic goals, leading to an unknown fate. This makes it possible to create changes in the status of relevant developments, influenced by various shifts. However, these players often have agendas that deviate from the genuine needs of the Circassian Cause. They play a negative role, facilitating complicit changes that ultimately delay the resolution of the Circassian Question.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that through bitter experience, we find certain parties amidst spiraling violence that adopt a condescending, contemptuous, or arrogant self-image. Although they were subjected to the same Russian colonial ambitions and greed by successive Russian regimes since the Empire’s invasion and acts of exclusion and annihilation, they often seem indifferent to the suffering of other peoples and nations. They sometimes appear stripped of their humanity.

Thus, the victims and their descendants remain disgruntled until they can restore their legitimate rights. Unsurprisingly, the oppressors often lack a profound sense of moral responsibility towards their victims. They ignore the reality that others have faced similar or sometimes worse situations. However, in certain cases, they may have dealt with these situations in eclectic and asymmetric ways.

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