adygeanatpress: Lukashenko Constructs On The Red Glade Summer Residence

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Lukashenko constructs on the Red Glade (Krasnodar territory)  $5 million summer residence

The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has received in area of the Red Glade a site for construction of a summer residence. About constructing of the residence of the Belarus leader on the most prestigious resort of Krasnodar territory in the Sochi agency on sale and construction of elite habitation informed. “As far as we know under the residence a site in 2-3 hectares was allocated. Average estimated cost of the land is approximately 10 thousand dollars for 1/100 of hectare, – was informed in the agency.

Now on the Red Glade a great construction was developed. The territory of about three hectares had been fenced by a green iron fence. The first turn of the construction it is planned to finish in the February, 2006, the second – in December of the same year. At the residence gate security guards are on duty; access to the territory is permitted only to lorries engaged in building works.

Alexander Lukashenko had chosen himself the place for his summer residence in two kilometers from the border with Abkhazia. Finally the question of construction of summer residence of the Belarus president has been solved after Putin’s last meeting with Lukashenko in the “Bocharov Stream” residence. Approximate estimated cost of the future Belarus president’s residence makes 5 million dollars.

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