Adygeanatpress: Local government Institutions Of Adygeya In Condition Of Diarchy

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 Local government institutions of Adygeya  in condition of diarchy
“Today there is antagonism: the old managers sit in their cabinets and let nobody in, as new heads cannot organize their work,” – in such way the chairman of the Adygeya parliament committee under legislation, legality and local self-management Anatoly Osokin described the situation around the institutions of local government of the republic on November, 17th in his interview to IА REGNUM correspondent.

The heads of newly formed municipal formations appeared in rather paradoxical situation: on the one hand, they became legitimately elected heads of new rural settlements, and on another hand, till January, 1st, 2006 solving of all key questions at the local government institutions’ level had been still executed by managers of the former rural districts.

Officially the new management had not yet started executing duties, however, a part of their functions they had already began to do. Adoption of charters, budgetary work, making in order tax base appeared to be stirred by the diarchy established at the places.

The heads of the former institutions of the local government do not hurry up to transfer their powers, and frequently new chiefs of the settlements collide with unexpectedly locked doors of the offices they’d recently got.

In that respect the quietest situation developed in those settlements where after elections of October, 9th the heads of rural districts were re-elected and that way got the new status: to share their cabinets, office equipment and official cars in the near future for them it would not be necessary for them.


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