Adygeanatpress: Russian Constitutional Court Confirmed Putin’s Rights!

From: Eagle_wng

Russian Constitutional court confirmed Putin’s right  to appoint governors
On December, 21st the Constitutional Court of Russia announced the decision on the case about check of constitutionality of positions of the Federal law “About general principles of organization of legislative (representative) bodies and agencies of governments of the federative subjects of Russian Federation” (in edition from December, 11th, 2004), concerning order of Russian citizens’ coming into powers of high officials of subjects of Russian Federation (heads of supreme body of governments of subjects of Russian Federation) in connection with V.F.Grishkevich’s complaint and collective complaints of some citizens.

The constitutional court of Russian Federation confirmed that the present mechanism of governors’ appointment corresponds to the Constitution of Russian Federation and can not be considered as infringement of the principle of division of authorities and federalism. The operating order of formation of executive authorities of subjects of Russian Federation considers interests of subjects of Russian Federation as it assumes the coordination of the president’s position with the legislature of authority in relation to nominee of governor.


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