KC: Circassian Congress Protested Against Celebrating Of “Voluntary Association”

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«Circassian congress» protested against celebrating of «voluntary association»

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The chairman of “Circassian congress” Murat Berzegov informed “Caucasian unit” correspondent: “Our position concerned this question is unequivocal – it is impossible to celebrate the date which did not exist in the history. We have already sounded this idea before singing of the decree of the president of Russian Federation “About celebrating the 450th anniversary of voluntary association of Adygeya to the Russian state” at the joint meeting of public organizations of Adygeya”.

The chairman of the executive committee of Adygeysk town Adyghe Khase Aly Tliap also stated “Caucasian unit” correspondent the position of the executive committee. “The question on inadmissibility of celebrating of the 450th anniversary of voluntary association of Adygeya to Russia or its integration to Russia, was sounded by Adygeysk town Adyghe Khase the first in Adygeya – long before singing of the decree of the president of Russia about celebrating this anniversary.

Now, when we speak about the genocide against Adygs and demand its recognition, the idea on voluntary association of Adygeya to Russia 450 years ago sounds, at least, rather ridiculously. If such fact had really taken place in history then there would be no genocide. And I only would be glad, if such association had happened before the Russian-Caucasian war. In fact in that case the ethnos would have been saved and not been exterminated. But how would you approve what did not happen, just only to have some fun, to dance on the stated holiday and to miss? Or for the sake of that someone, probably, “would have” something because of this holiday? Or maybe, for some other reason?

On what basis is it possible to speak about “voluntary association” if there is no document confirming that? Even if some delegation of separate princes addressed to the Russian tsar in 1557 for support as to an ally, it could not speak about its voluntary integration to the Russian state. But if we by all means would like to have such holiday and the 450th anniversary let it be the anniversary of creation of the allied relations with Russia. We could agree with such formulation.

If we accept for valid the fact that did not exist our history will look absolutely in another way. If Adygeya (Circassia) – as some people affirm – 450 years ago had voluntary joined Russia then against whom Adygs were at war over three hundred years later during the Russian-Caucasian war of the XIX century? Against their benefactor and their governor? In that case, almost the centenary war for independence of the mountain people of Caucasus including Adygeya (a part of the historical Circassia) against the aggressor would get features of a revolt against the ungrateful governor. Then the difference, as you can see, would be rather huge.

If we had voluntary entered and were in the structure of Russia then it would turn out that the Russian-Caucasian war of the XIX century was not a people’s war for liberation, and just a revolt against their tsar. It would turn out, as if the tsar with his armies went to the coast, and Circassians-robbers attacked him. And those “attacks” proceeded almost one hundred years long. That is how it changes the history of the whole people and transforms it from the hero and the fighter for freedom in a gangster – just only one date, only one holiday that should not be.

The past, certainly, darkens our relations, but it is impossible to get rid of the history by forging it. As it is impossible to construct any friendly relations on a lie. Together with the Russian people we have stronger and more effective ties, not demanding their artificial consolidation. The whole subsequent history of the Adygeyan people in the structure of Russia after the Russian-Caucasian war was an example of the devoted service – already for the sake of the common Native land.

Adygs – Circassians took part in all the subsequent wars – the World War II, the Russian-Japanese, the Civil, and the Great Patriotic wars – on the party of Russia (and, in last two wars the volunteers participated only). It is impossible to delete this fact – as it is impossible to write in it a nonexistent fact about “voluntary association to Russia”- from our history.

Source: Caucasian unit

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