Natpress:Russian Authorities Are Requested To Get Criminals Threatened Berzegov

From: Eagle_wng

“Circassian congress” of Israel calls Russian authorities to find and punish criminals who threatened Murat Berzegov

The president of “Circassian congress” of Israel Adnan Orkizh expressed the sharp protest against the repeated threats to the address of the chairman of “Circassian congress” of Adygeya Murat Berzegov in his telephone conversation with Natpress correspondent. According to him, the organization he heads at the moment has been preparing a paper with such contents to send it to the leadership of Russia and Adygeya.

In the opinion of “Circassian congress” of Israel, those threats concern not only the leader of the public movement as they are directed on intimidation of the whole Adygeyan community which has made the first steps to restoration of the historical justice. The genocide against the Adygeyan people, as “Circassian congress” of Israel considers, is one of the most horrible crimes in the history of the mankind; and the world community sooner or later should recognize that fact. So no threats of any “patriots” of Russia can stop the initiated process of the Adygs’ rehabilitation.

“Unfortunately, – Adnan Orkizh underlined in the conversation with Natpress correspondent, – as we see it from outside, “patriotism’ of those who commit such actions of terrorization does not contradict the position of the Russian authorities in relation to other national minorities not only Adygs. Nevertheless we call up these authorities to implement the proclaimed democratic principles, to initiate careful investigation of that fact, to find the criminals and to punish them”.


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