NatPress: UNESCO Representatives Visited Adygeya

UNESCO representatives visited Adygeya 

April 23 the UNESCO mission representative, expert Kishor Rao together
with employees of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia met with
the President of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov.

of the commission of Russian Federation on the UNESCO of the Ministry
of foreign affairs of Russian Federation, the director of the Federal
state institution “Caucasian state natural bio-spherical reserve”,
chiefs of the executive bodies of the state authority of Adygeya
Republic, the chairman of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Republic
and the chiefs of the federal and the republican nature protection
services and departments also took part in the meeting.

participants of the meeting discussed the security situation of the
object of the World natural heritage “Western Caucasus”, in particular,
the four especially protected territories located in Adygeya. The
expert Kishor Rao expressed his concern in relation to the plans of the
business development of the objects, protected by the UNESCO.

Aslan Tkhakushinov mentioned that the republican authorities would do everything to remove the committed infringements.

We are ready to the constructive cooperation, – the leader of the
republic stated. – According to your recommendations in the shortest
terms the corresponding republican nature protection services and
departments will make the order. At the same time we guarantee the
tourist development of the foothills of our region according to the
concept of the World natural heritage “Northern Caucasus”.

June the UNESCO expert will present his conclusions to the World
heritage objects commission. The report will fix available
disadvantages and measures undertaken by their republic for their


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