KC: Enemy Convoy Attacked Near The Village Of Shirdi-Mokhk

Enemy convoy attacked near the village of Shirdi-Mokhk

Publication time: 24 January 2009, 18:55

According to source inside the HQ of the command of Eastern Front of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate (Commander Amir Aslambek), last Friday on Muharram 26, 1430 in the vicinity of the village of Shirdi-Mokhk (Nozhai-Yurt district), a mobile squad of the Mujahideen attacked a gang of Russian invidels. The details of the fighting are unknown. The source reported at least 5 infidel soldiers were killed and wounded in the course of the battle. The Mujahideen did not incur any casualties.

After Mujahedeen’s departure the battle place was subjected to aerial bombardments and artillery shellings.

Kavkaz Center


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