From the President General (KAFFED)

Kafkas Dernekleri Federasyonu (KAFFED)
From the President General
Lately, many groups, persons or formations outside Turkey, have been declaring new exits, calls or actions and bringing out different ultimate objectives, especially in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war. Although there are many information and position-assessment statements that we have made earlier as a federation, in the current situation, we have been shown as if we are associated with the formations that we are not part of by mentioning our names, and we are tried to be shown as a side of actions and statements that we are not a party (maliciously and deliberately), we have not been tried to be shown by malicious people you can lean on the circumcision Since we are observing that we are being criminalized with the intent of disinformation, we need to make this statement.

As a federation, we would like to share with the public opinion again with the public opinion and approach of our respective boards regarding our perspective on certain issues:
1. Recognizing the Circular Genocide and Exile: As a Federation, for years, if we have to place the need for Circular genocide and exile on the agenda of our own people in a strong way, it is well known in the world. In the international community, we are working hard to explain what this great disaster has to our people, to express our demands from Russia and Turkey, to be in search of a peaceful solution and to be part of it. We strive to understand and know the human and political dimension of Circular Genocide and Exile concept around the world. We underline that this concept is a simple historical case and that the problem is not a simple historical result, it determines the status of a people at the point of existence-absence. When the situation is like this, it is quite obvious that it is an important step to attract the attention of the world parliaments and to ensure its recognition in the parliaments. At this point, our efforts to develop relations with political institutions, such as the European parliament, on a rational basis, continues. Only in the climate created by the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on for 1.5 years, the recognition of Circular Genocide and Exile by the Ukrainian parliament as “conditional” can be “saved”; for this, the opinions on the way that applications of three institutions are expected from Turkey are welcomed with doubt. The recognition of Circular Genocide and Exile by a parliament without the influence of political interests and commitments is welcomed with great pleasure by us. However, the fact that it was an application from Turkey by individuals and organizations years ago, the fact that Turkey only responded in the war climate casts a shadow on the issue and makes the good will question. However, the Ukrainian parliament or other countries to recognize the Circular Genocide without any preconditions or expectations will be welcomed.
2. In the climate created by the Russia-Ukraine war, new movements and movements are emerging or trying to emerge. When viewed from the outside, formations that are in a hurry, lack of social support, do not stand a rational ground and do not sufficiently explain their goal, soon either disappear, disintegrate or create new social conflict zones. We put our position on the Russia-Ukraine war and our present day (despite a lot of criticism and insults) with peace. We are still protecting this position and it is not known how the conditions will improve, but we are in agreement that this position should be protected. From the beginning, we maintain our belief that opening a front in North Caucasus could lead the region to a disaster. Of course, we have to evaluate how the war will end, what it will bring to our homeland, how it can react in possible scenarios where Russia wins or loses the war, and how we need to be prepared for possible situations. Even these scenarios need to be discussed more often and in reasonable grounds. But we believe that active participation in war, calling to arms, praising violence and denouncing is absurd.
3. At this point, we would like to clarify our relations with activists and opposition persons who were forced to leave their homeland for various reasons. It is sad that in the last 2-3 years, many people from their motherland had to take refuge in Turkey or were forced to. Our point of view to these people is on the “Cine of Crime”, a universal legal concept that is generally accepted in contemporary and democratic countries. According to the laws of the Russian Federation, no one who has been charged or not convicted of a crime, who has not been tried and punished in an independent court can be considered a criminal. On the other hand, we do not have to be on the side of any claim or accusation. We do not see any problem with discussing and consulting with betting persons from time to time. On the other hand, we have repeatedly stated that there are differences in our perspectives of current affairs, in our ways of doing business, in the instruments to be used, but this is extremely natural. It is not our job or responsibility to make anyone hostile or criminalize or act upon the standards of another person or institution. We are at the point where we said from the beginning: We can talk to everyone, we have no hesitation in working with the person or organizations we can work with. Just because we meet doesn’t mean we work together. It should be perceived as an institutional choice not to work with individuals or institutions that we can’t agree on in terms of purpose, method and results. We would benefit from mentioning that we will not allow any institution or organization that we have not declared that we are a part of, and which we find false and harmful, to form a perception of our name in a set of pillars.
4. The fact that as a result of the great war and genocide experienced by the people of Cerkes have been thrown around the world, especially Turkey, contains many problems and many potential solutions. We have to accept that the solution to the problem that caused a population movement of about 2 million 1.5-2 centuries ago and affected hundreds of thousands of people cannot be one axis and one perspective. 21st of our people The needs of the motherland or the diaspora are extremely diverse and complex, whether in the century. From this point on, we should not forget the idea that all diaspora organizations need to form a force on a rational basis, including the organizations and relationships in the motherland. This need should not only be considered as an organizing model based on “cultural activities” of civil society organizations; it should be a structure with international status, which can address the international community, and supported as an economic and human resource. For this structure, such as a federation or confederation, it should not be targeted before but unmanaged for various reasons. In this regard, we believe that the need to discuss the issue of organizing the “Diaspora Circle” on a rational basis, leaving aside the prejudices and differences in local understanding of organizations in Turkey and other parts of the world. The concern is prevailing that the ongoing works will remain ineffective for various reasons (especially due to the targeted organization) and will abandon new organizations to meet the need. On the other hand, it is clear that those who do not rely on any social base, who have not been through a discussion process, who take steps on behalf of the people with individual efforts or who think they have done it, will have no benefit other than harming the people. As KAFFED, we regretfully condemn the attempt to be made to appear as if they are acting together by several people who have come together with speeches such as “council, congress, union”.
Prof. Dr. Ümit Dinçer
The President of KAFFED
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