The Importance of the Circassian National Flag

The Importance of the Circassian National Flag

Adel Bashqawi

April 25, 2024

Travels in Circassia, Krim-Tartary &c (1838), Flags of Circassians

The members of the Circassian nation have maintained a meaningful connection in all their whereabouts. They kept themselves close to each other, whether realistically and emotionally, on the one hand, and between them and their motherland and what that means on the other hand.

The connection is characterized by the Circassian flag. “The Circassian flag contained twelve golden stars and three golden crossed arrows. Each of the twelve stars represents a major Circassian tribe and they are all represented equally and without prejudice or discrimination. They are all equal in unity. As for the crossed arrows, they symbolize that the Circassians do not seek war, but will defend themselves and their existence when they are exposed to aggression. The color of the flag reflects the color of spring of the homeland, the meadows and forests.”

They unanimously agreed to commemorate the Circassian Flag Day on the twenty-fifth of April every year, which gives the impression that what unites this nation is much stronger and more important than what divides it, especially since the consensus of the representatives of the main Circassian tribes to declare this was in the year 1836, that is, at the time of the Russian-Circassian War, during which the Circassians fought a defensive war against the Russian Empire’s invasion of their homeland.

Therefore, the Circassian flag was chosen to be the flag of the Republic of Adygea at the beginning of the year 1992, that is, several months after the Soviet Union was dissolved, “While on the 25th of April 2010, during the commemoration of the 180th anniversary of the birth of the Circassian flag in Maykop, the capital of the Republic of Adygea, all Circassians of the world were invited to adopt the historical Circassian flag.”

The national bond of the individuals of any nation or people depends on a strong and inextricable bond in the areas of common origin, language, national, cultural, social and political identity, unity of goals and common destiny. However, in order for these concepts to remain within frameworks that cannot be bypassed or ignored, there is a common factor that overwhelms all of the above, which is the flag.

Circassian Flag Day is not a Transient Occasion

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