CIRCASSIAN DREAMS: Sosrikua Brought Fire To Narts

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Sosrikua Brought Fire To Narts    

    In the term Narts lived they saw big wars and pillages and they lived in confusion. They clashed with Çint, Yipsi, Marak. One day Nasren Jak’e and 300 mounted surged into Çint country. While starting out some of his friends wanted to take into Sosrikhua’s service. But most of them didn’t want Sosrikua to join the group
    ” -If we couldn’t manage without Sosrikua why were we in this world?”they said. They set out without telling him. They overcame Çint’s and they wanted to announce their heroism and bravery and to make Narts homeland rich  with the booties they would bring.
    The storm began during the journey. Cold winds tyranized the world. A giant who lived in this term stole Narts’ fire and he left them with their destiny in a cold world. Sosrikua has heart this giant’s name but he has never met him.
    Nasren’s soldiers struggled with storm and they couldn’t go forward.”… we made a mistake, if Sosrikua were  with us he would guide us…” they complained.
    Seteney Guase was very clever and sagacious and she had an ability of telling future. She learned the disaster Narts who waged war on Çin’t country met and she told the event to Sosrikua.
   ” -Ye! my son who I didn’t give birth to, my child Sosrikua… Nasren and his men were in difficult condition and they were about to freeze and they couldn’t return back” she said.
    After Sosrikua received the message, he started out to followed the group. He got up speed with his extraordinary power like wind and he reached Narts. Narts were pleased to see them.
    ” -Beave Sosrikua we met with misfortune if you don’t help it means we will die” they said. There were neither fire nor a possibility to warm up. He thought what they would do during this time storm ceased roasting dry could began and the sky became clear. Sosrikua raised his head to sky and saw the star which the gleamed. He took aim at the star with his arrow.  He streched his bow with his whole power.  The arrow that flied off broke a corner of the star into pieces and threw away it’s fragment to earth. A short time they warmed up with these fragments but later star fragments stopped  to head. Sosrikua who told them to resist climbed a hill and investigated the surroundings he saw a house whose smoke hole smoked. He arrived at this house, he understood that the giant who had stolen their fire was living there. He saw a big and powerful. He was sleeping with holding the fire with his arms. Sosrikua thought that it was very diffucult to get fire from him. He confered with his horse immediately: The horse:
    ” -You must be brave like a wolf and silent like a cat. Approach him slowly and pick up the fire. Pick up a firewood that burned.” said.
    Sosrikua regulated the distance and picked up the biggest firewood with bending down. An ember which broke off from the firewood fell down to giants beard Sosrikua set out with the fire. The giant whose beand burned  woke up.he counted woods and he understood that the woods were absent.
    He said that Narts had stolen his fire.he began to follow Sosrikua.Sosrikua’s horse was the fastest horse in the world.Despite this,a short time later the giant approached to Sosrikua.he stopped him.
     ” -Ye! the child of Narts,where were you taking my fire away?Did you think that you could escape from me?
    Sosrikua replied to the giant:
    ” -Yes, I stole the fire to take away I stole it for my nation….”
    ” -Unfortunately you couldn’t take the fire away. You aren’t real Sosrikua. If Sosrikua came, I settled account with him….”
    ” -Anyway, one day you can meet Sosrikua. But Sosrikua hasn’t attempted such things. Tell your purposes….”
    ” -My purpose…?Tell the skills of Sosrikua. If you don’t tell, I will kill you at once. And who are you?”
    ” -I’m  Sosrikua’s herdsman.”
    ” -If so, you know the skills, powers, courage of Sosrikua. If you don’t tell I’ll kill you.”
    ” -I can tell you ,but you can’t manage.”
    ” -Why can’t I manage?”
    ” -You can’t manage .”
    ” -Tell those occupations I can’t manage…”
    ” -Do you see this stone? Sosrikua hurls this stone to sky. When it returnes to earth, he broke it into pieces”    The giant who said that he could do it, stays under a big stone he hurls to sky. He breaks it into pieces like floor.
    Sosrikua leaughs:
    ” -It’s the first one but it isn’t a big skill. Sosrikua has another skills Sosrikua is fearless. He isn’t afraid of any creature in the world. A creature which can beat him hasn’t been created Sosrikua fills leads in to the Suen and melts them. He fills them into his mouth. Later he spits out the frozen leads. Can you do it?”
    ” -Is this the thing that you want me to do…?” The giant collected lead and melted them in a big Suen. He filled them into his moulth and spitted them out.
    ” -Sosrikua had another abilities, he didn’t have an aimless life he is living for his nation.” he said.
    He said immediately:
    ” -ok tell me  Sosrikua’s another ability.”
    ” -Sosrikua goes swimming in the place where three seas connect, he waits for there three day three night he freezes the sea. Later he leaves from the sea by breaking ice in to pieces and you can not do it…”
    ” -Sosrikua can do it and nor can I, it’s better to die…” he dived to the sea, Sosrikua prays the biggest Gods: “Please, freeze this sea and the giant will freeze ” he said. Gods hear Sosrikua. The giant freezes in the sea. The sea returnes to ices. The giant can’t live from the sea for several days. Sosrikua shouts at the giant:
    ” -Preapare yourself.”
    ” -I can’t leave, I have no power…”
    ” -It means your end is coming, learn it…”
    ” -Oh my foolish head… How I didn’t understand that you were Sosrikua. I will suffer for my stupidity… Your sword can’t cut one of my hair. Don’t torture me. Go and get my sword. If you can lift it kill me with it. My sword is in the house you stole the fire…”
    Sosrikua thinks  “Is there a game under this job?” he said.
    He consults the subject to his horse. The horse starts to talk:
    ” -Noting will be, come on don’t wait, get the sword if you are late Narts will freeze from coolness.” he said.
    Sosrikua rides his horse and goes to giant’s home. He gets the sword and returnes to seaside. He cuts the giant’s head who can’t move into the ice. He gets the all fire in giant’s home and returnes to Narts. He enlarges the fire. Hears his friends. He resques their life.
    The riders start out with Nasren Jak’e. They take an oath that they will never set out without Sosrikua…


     TELLER: Sarmat was born in Gumlookit (Karasniy Vostok) It was compiled by Meremkuil Vladimir on 10.09.1967  During this time the teller was 80 years old.

    BIBLIOGRAPHY:   “Mythology and Narts”   Yismeyl Özdemir ÖZBAY

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