Kabardino-Balkarian president met sales representative of Hungarian embassy in Russia

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Kabardino-Balkarian president met sales representative  of Hungarian embassy in Russia

KBR president received in Nalchik the sales representative of Hungarian embassy in Russia Gabor Maroshi. The purpose of the visit was establishment of mutually advantageous cooperation of Hungary with Kabardino-Balkaria. During the meeting the president of Kabardino-Balkaria noted that the republic was interested in founding of business ties with Hungary, especially in the field of development of modern technologies of agricultural products cultivation and processing. In the reciprocal word Gabor Maroshi reminded that the Soviet-Hungarian enterprise second among the largest in the USSR in 80s of the last century was created in Kabardino-Balkaria on the basis of the Scientific Corn Research institute. As IА REGNUM correspondent learnt, one of achievements of their teamwork became creation of highly effective grades of corn. Now Hungary intends to continue useful experience of the past years. In Stavropol Territory they are creating a Hungarian training-indicative farm where experts of the South of Russia will master skills of work in the sphere of agrarian and industrial complex in the market conditions. Arsen Kanokov promised that representatives of KBR would take advantage of that opportunity, too.



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