Fascists & Modern Gas Ovens Prove The Circassian Holocaust

Fascists & Modern Gas Ovens Prove The Circassian Holocaust  
News and through the news agencies in the recent few days have popped up with the news about the crimes that Russia has just committed, which are a continuation of their everlasting crimes against individuals, citizens peoples and nations. 
The North Caucasians in general and Circassians in particular got the bitter experience from dealing with the Russian rulers and governments alongside their supporters and agents since the day the Russian imperial policies had started to wage wars of colonialism to capture the land and the nations alike. 
This time the crime is of different angle, caliber, size, magnitude, and meaning; but at the same time it is of considered premeditation, willfulness, and with forethought. It is not only a normal or accidental crime, but war crime, murder, assassination, homicide, manslaughter, and killing, against the remains and corpses of dead innocent people who had been physically kidnapped, confiscated, and seized by the Russian authorities and their security enforcement fascist forces, since the year 2005.  
The Russian crime that was given a decorative and media description according to the authorities that committed that latest crime of a list of countless crimes, by the word cremation, is indeed seen as gas-ovens exercise, that should be called by the real description.

Thousands of horrific stories, and even more can be remembered, that were committed against Circassians, North Caucasians and other colonized nations, which some of them can be traced and mentioned in this brief retrieve to the horror that was carried into action deliberately for the last 450 years as characterized in the following:

  1. Russian imperial series of wars started by the Muscovites approximately 450 years ago, and through those horrible wars tens of nations were either partially or completely vanished as per the plans of eliminating those peoples and nations and to control and take over their homeland where ever their evil military arms had reached and extended.
  2. The Russian greed did not stop there but was the main topic of the KGB controlled Communist Soviet Union under many titles when they dominated and falsely declared a Union between the 15 main republics which can be represented in the partnership between the beast and the sheep. Stalin and all of his repressive tools had killed and annihilated more than 30 million Human Beings, and they moved many nations, especially the Chechen Nation for forced deportation and exile away from Motherland which resulted in countless sufferings and atrocities as a result of hard and difficult circumstances and conditions which drove to disastrous consequences.
  3. Two consecutive major wars in less than 10 years were waged against the Chechen Nation to keep Chechnya occupied and colonized, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of perished, injured, or handicapped, by using the most available sophisticated weapons in the Russian arsenal, while the second war is still going on regardless of what the propaganda is pretending about the magnitude of the on going war in Chechnya.
  4. The World wouldn’t forget the Moscow Nord-Ost theatre hostage-taking dilemma in October of the year 2002, when FSB and other related agencies (OSNAZ) raided the building after pumping a mysterious chemical agent into the building’s air-conditioning and ventilating system, which resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths and injuries.
  5. Beslan school hostage-taking crisis in September of the year 2004 in the North Caucasus Republic of North Osetia had witnessed another adventure of the FSB controlled forces that used their usual way of raiding, which resulted in hundreds of dead and injured civilians.
  6. Moves and maneuvers that colonialists are doing and performing with the direct and indirect support of the Security Services Agencies in all walks of life in all the occupied territories and regions, with the main purpose of annoying and upsetting all peoples who are over-whelmed, and to keep them under terror and horror, and to retain them occupied with one main target for the oppressed in life which is to be able to get what is required to stay alive, safe from the official authoritative domination.

The World should move positively in accordance with the International Law and Human Rights Charters. Russians must be held accountable for all crimes, and atrocities committed against the oppressed nations that used to be and/or still under brutal imperial rule.

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