Adygeanatpress:Scientists Disapprove Adygeya’s Voluntary Integration In Russia..

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Scientists disapprove Adygeya’s voluntary 

integration with Russia in XVI century 

Ways of concern to the idea of celebrating of the 450th anniversary of Adygeya’s integration in Russia from the scientific point of view, – that was the question IA REGNUM correspondent addressed the master of historical degree, the head of the department of history of Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian researches Asker Panesh. According to the scientist, his attitude to the problem remained the same it had been, in particular, in 1996-1997. Then the decision to refuse celebrating the 440th anniversary was made. That, in its turn, was based on historic facts remained constant, too. The scientist presented IA REGNUM correspondent the publication in the republican newspaper “The Soviet Adygeya”, dated on October 4th, 1997. The article was entitled “Mutually Advantageous Union”.

In the publication it was told: ” Today there are no bases to speak about voluntary connection (integration) of the western Adygs to Russia. Here the question can be about the military-political agreement directed against the Crimean khans. During the Middle Ages there was a practice of addressing of peoples to stronger states. It spoke necessity of protection against possible aggression. In conditions of the pressure from Turkish and Crimean foreign policies Adygs, alongside with their courageous protection of the Native land, applied to diplomatic means for preservation of their independence”.

“In April, 1996 under the initiative of scientists from the Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian researches, – it was noted further in the article, – devoted to the problem of Russian-Adygeyan relations in the XVI century an expanded session of the academic council took place. Scientists from Moscow, Krasnodar and the Northern Caucasian republics had been invited to the session. All the historians were unanimous that establishment of communications of the western Adygs with the Russian state in the XVI century was dictated by necessity of protection against the Crimean attacks. On the other hand, Moscow was interested in those communications, as they created for it rather favourable strategic initiative in its war against Crimea”.

One of the Moscow scientists who participated in the session of the academic council in Maykop in 1996, – Asker Panesh explained IA REGNUM correspondent, – then director of Domestic history of the Russian Academy of sciences Alexander Novoseltsev was. At the session he said the following: “In my opinion, here we can talk about the certain protection, patronage of the Russian imperial government in relation to other governors. Because we know in practice that the same joined governors of the Northern Caucasus, Kalmykia, and so on, could accept double citizenship, becoming Turkish sultan, Iranian shah, and others. Briefly speaking, that was a very original form of relations that, in my opinion, cannot be defined in any way as a connection of some areas and peoples to the Russian state. But nevertheless, since the 50s, since the time of the well-known anniversary of Kabarda’s integration to Russia, we have such literally shaft wave of “voluntary connection of peoples and areas to Russia”.

Novoseltsev also said about those to whom similar celebratings would be favourable. “As I imagine it to myself, the main characters here were not scientists, no local, neither central ones though they, as a rule, in those or other circumstances were compelled to take part in organization of such sort of the anniversaries. But it was organized and dictated by corresponding ideological heads both in the center, and at the places. That is quite clear, because any anniversary led to that a republic or heads received the certain awards, were given, probably, some additional means in favour of a republic – in general such anniversary had a rather noisy sounding”.


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